Writing and Branding Samples for Beth A. Grant


Small Business Branding:

1) CFO-for-hire Debbie Rosenfelt wanted to come up with a way to teach entrepreneurs about how to manage the money in their businesses. I came up with CFO Made EasyTM


2) Life coach Linda Flynt wanted help describing what she did for her clients in a way that would be apparent from her title. I came up with The Possibilities CoachTM


3) As a marketing strategist for big-hearted professionals (such as coaches, healers and therapists) who have trouble asking for money in exchange for their services, I came up with the tagline "Why Not Thrive While You Change the World?"


4) As a part of my marketing strategy work, I developed a program to allow my customer base to get to the truth of what they want their businesses to do for them and then use my methodology to help them increase their income efficiency. I branded this program "Platform to Profits."


5) Web designer Sandra L. Gardner was launching her business and wanted potential clients to know how important a good web site is. I came up with the tagline, "Designed to Impress in Six Seconds or Less."


6) Book Title (I also edited the book):  Give From The Heart, Receive What You Are Worth



Marketing Journalism

I wrote two articles for the trade magazine Credit Union Business:













Through the hundreds of articles I wrote for The Pampered Chef®'s in-house magazines, the volunteer sales force was empowered to succeed and educated on new kitchenware product offerings. (Click image for samples.) I also edited the U.S., U.K. and Canada magazines, wrote executive speeches and came up with catchy greetings for the president's annual company birthday cards.

Pampered Chef










Persuasive Web Pages (without manipulative marketing tactics):





Corporate Communications

Peoples Gas Delivery Newsletter — wrote and edited (click image for writing samples):

  Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 5.13.27 PM









I was asked to guest blog for New York Times bestselling author Victoria Moran. The article is here:


My own blog is here (for entrepreneurial readers):




What clients and interview subjects have been kind enough to say about me:

"Beth Grant is one of the most reliable writers I’ve ever hired. She’s quick, accurate and easy to work with (read: she returns phone calls and emails). I relied on Beth for a significant amount of copy that required a quick turnaround and she was never late. She’s good at researching any topic and has a knack for the landing those important interviews that just make a piece."
— Michelle Paolillo Lockett, First30Days.com


"I hired Beth on several occasions to write copy for online marketing campaigns and our monthly sales field publications. Beth was always highly professional, hard working, and extremely accommodating. She is an very skilled writer who can adapt easily to a variety of media and styles."

– Denise Bokar, Director, Communications and Message Integration, The Pampered Chef®


"I recently hired Beth Grant to craft my elevator pitch. She asked me a few questions on a phone call, and that was all she needed to quickly provide me with the perfect pitch. Beth is professional, creative and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Beth to anyone needing an excellent marketing or communications professional."
–Lisa Baker, marketing and writing professional (you can read the pitch here):



"I loved this interview. I feel like we're old friends."
–Victoria Moran, author of Living a Charmed Life and numerous other books)





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