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If you're a heart-centered entrepreneur … or an author whose book hasn't been scooped up yet by a big publishing house …


  • Are you stymied by how to get people to buy your solutions online and waste hours (or even days) writing your emails and web pages?

  • Do you know you need an editor for your book but don't know who to trust with your "baby"?

  • Do you dread writing your newsletter, emails or anything marketing-related?

  • Do you struggle with how to word your message so people understand what specific solutions you provide and how it will benefit them?

I can help you create more profits, have more fun and free up your time to do what you do best.

Scroll down to apply for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and strategize on solutions, or keep reading for more details on how I can help you achieve your goals.

The fact is your business can’t generate profit unless you can get your potential buyer's attention, communicate effectively what you do, nurture them and make them compelling offers. Otherwise you just have an email list that doesn’t buy anything from you, or a bunch of traffic to a web site that doesn't work behind the scenes to bring you clients or buyers.

If you don’t have that talent naturally, your best bet is to hire someone who with an expertise in copywriting for your particular needs.

Copywriting is by far the most important skill needed if your heart-centered business has a web presence, especially if you're a coach, healer or other provider in a very crowded marketplace — a market filled with empty promises and false scarcity that doesn't sit well with your honest nature.


With over six years' experience as a writer, editor and heart-centered online marketer, no one knows the challenges you face online today better than someone like me who has stood in your shoes and succeeded.

There are several ways you can work with me. Here are the most popular solutions I provide. These solutions are designed to help you reach your goals, reduce your stress and free up your time so you can do what you do best.

Area 1: Writing for the web

As a copywriter, what sets me apart is my adept ability at marketing strategy – especially online sales conversion that doesn’t feel “icky,” use false scarcity or stretch the truth to make a buck. (Yes, sadly, copywriting for the web is rampant with little white lies — and worse. Not cool, huh?)

You’ll have a whip-smart visionary on your side with a passion for purpose – yours!

Most of my clients are coaches, healers, authors or other heart-centered people who want help writing marketing emails, web sales pages, newsletters and web sites. The catch is, without understanding the strategy and the big picture, none of that stuff will do you any good.

Ethical marketing is essential to me and you should know I will not work with people who want to use hard-sell tactics to make a buck.

It can be a challenge to find a writer who really “gets” your business, your solution and your heart-centered drive to help people – and who understands that for heart-centered people, the most highly-touted marketing strategies out there not only don't feel good, they simply don’t work for people like you.  

Let’s talk about your needs and see if there is a good fit. Sound good?

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Area 2: Teleseminars, Speeches and Workshops

With six years of experience putting together my own content-rich teleseminars and webinars and understanding how to convert sales using these tools – you may want to consider handing over the reigns on this if you’re not seeing the results you want.

I also have tons of experience writing speeches and PowerPoint presentations that let you leave your event with money in your pocket and a fresh set of prospective clients to nurture.

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Area 3: Product Launches

Ah, product launches. That old burn-yourself-out and hope for the best cycle gets old, huh?

If you're planning to turn your content into a home study product, teleclass or digital product, you must know what you're doing from both a strategy standpoint and a copywriting standpoint before you even begin.

Copywriting is the single most important factor in creating sales during your program or product launches.

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Area 4: Autoresponder Sequences, Emails & Newletters

I'll just cut to the chase: most of what's taught about autoresponder emails is rubbish! It's focused on manipulating the buyer into whipping out a credit card. Yuck, yuck, double yuck.

For heart-centered people like you and me, this approach backfires big time, and feels out of alignment with who we are.   

Are you mystified by writing emails or dread writing your newsletter?

The fact is, if you have an online business, email is like a conversation you have with your potential buyer. It's the most important conversation in your relationship.

It's crucial that emails are written in a way that doesn't erode trust with your reader. And if you use the approaches the big gurus use, that's exactly what's going to happen. People do not respond well to those types of emails when they come from a heart-centered person like you.

And believe it or not, your subject line is the most important part of your email. Do you know how to write yours to maximize your open rate and get your reader to take action? I do!

I'm an expert at helping you communicate with your prospective buyers in a way that creates a win-win for all involved. The goal is to help you find your potential buyers and to help them find you — people who have money to pay you and can't wait to get started with your solution!

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Area 5: Editing

I’m an experienced book editor and book doctor. If you’ve written a book that helps people transform their lives or you’ve written a memoir, we’ll probably be a great fit.

I perform traditional line editing, but more than that I’m able to see the big picture as I work on your book. I’ll organize your content, create a structure that brings the highest impact and pace your book properly so the reader sticks around. 

Editing a book that generates interest, keeps your reader engrossed ‘til the end and lets your voice come through is what it’s all about!

Of course, I'm also going to openly share with you any ideas that come to mind for how to monetize the book beyond actual book sales.

I also do ghostwriting, should you want me to take your concept run with it, and you get all the glory. I’m cool with that.

(PS There’s a really good chance I’ll be able to come up with a kick-ass title for your book as well. One of my favorite things to do ever.)

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Don't see what you need? I also do branding, resumes that rock, elevator pitches, social media management, mission statements and other pieces of the puzzle. Just fill in the form below and let me know what you need. I'll respond and let you know if it's something we can consult about.

Let me know a little about your project, business or book and if I see a potential fit, I’ll offer you a 30-minute consultation FREE, a $125 value. Just fill in the form below, and away we go!








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