This Is What Alignment Looks Like (and How to Get There)


Are you in full alignment?
Here’s what that looks like…

You are making good money with ease and joy.  People are excited to hear your offers.  You never have to convince someone to buy from you or “overcome objections.”  You never have to “sell” because your marketing is flowing organically.  Your pipeline does a lot of the work for you.  Your clients get excellent results and sing your praises because they are tapping into the highest and best part of you.

Misalignments tend to show up as:

  • A heavy feeling in your body about your offer, your marketing or your business
  • A feeling of dread or drain working with your clients
  • You’re feeling joyful but not earning nearly enough
  • The marketing you’ve been taught doesn’t feel good inside, even though it’s bringing you lots of income
  • Bewilderment about why people aren’t buying your offers, when you know they need them
  • You know you should be getting better results from your marketing but can’t figure out what’s going on

There are big misalignments (like using a Guru method when you’re a Truth Guide or using the wrong messaging which attracts the wrong people), and there are small misalignments, which just require a few tweaks.

Would you like some help to get fully aligned? … It is SO different being in alignment. It really is! Your business can be joyful AND you can have the income you truly want. You can have time for your creative pursuits or your child’s soccer games … or travel if that’s what you want. Whatever your version of freedom, fulfillment and financial abundance is, let’s get you aligned with that.

I’m traveling around to hold local workshops

focused on helping you see how to achieve the ease, income and joy you deserve!

In these workshops, I will help you assess your business for misalignments with your archetype, and then based on the challenges the group is facing, I’ll dive into specific strategies to solve them. For instance, if we discover that several people are experiencing a lack of joy in their business, I’ll show you where that misalignment tends to come from. If people are experiencing challenges with online funnels or pipelines, I’ll dive into what aligned pipelines look like.
I’ll openly share tools and ideas you can use for the places you’re currently stuck. (The majority of our time will be spent working on the specific misalignments you and other audience members bring up, so you can hit the ground running on your projects afterward).
If I feel you need to hone a new skill or learn a specific method aligned with your archetype, I’ll let you know exactly what I think that is, too. (This will help you guide yourself in purchasing classes, programs or coaching for your business, from me or someone else, so you get what you actually need.)

An in-person workshop like this will give us the chance to dive deep and brainstorm hard, leaving you crystal clear on WHY your business is stuck or limiting you in some way, and HOW to move forward next.  There will be no “virtual” barrier between us like in a teleseminar. We’ll be face to face and dive right in.

If you’ve been feeling confused, lost, frustrated, or uninspired, the energy of a live workshop will provide you with a much needed boost; you’ll gain insights during our time together, and they’ll keep on flowing afterward as well! (You’ll see!)

Each workshop will be about 3 hours long – one hour for assessment and training, and 2 hours for in-depth Q&A case studies from you and/or the other attendees.

This workshop was really targeted to me and my business! I learned and experienced what I needed to tweak to get into better alignment so I could create results easier and in a way authentic to me.

My favorite part was how Beth really tailor-made the experience to everyone in the room. She has great insights and really helps you quickly get on track in a way that feels right to you.

If you’re wondering whether you should come to an alignment workshop, jump at the chance. It will be well worth your time and investment!

Tami Gulland

Tami Gulland Business Coaching,

My intention is for you to walk away with absolute clarity on where your misalignments are, a solid education on how to create alignment with your marketing (like what creating aligned marketing consists of) and fresh insights on what to do next to get more fully into alignment.

Ready for some help getting aligned? Click on your city below to book a spot.

The Alignment Workshop with Beth was fabulous. After getting clarity on what our clients really want from us, my favorite part was discovering my aligned client. This was completely different than the “client avatar” that I had created from taking other classes and allowed me to see clearly (for the first time) exactly who I loved working with (and who loved working with me!).

After the workshop, I spoke with a potential client and immediately knew she was 100% aligned with my ideal — I’m excited to work with her versus wondering if I’ll feel drained like sometimes happened before.

It was an engaging, enlightening and educational workshop. If you are thinking about taking the Alignment Workshop, don’t hesitate!

Jean Berry

Intuitive Artist & Business Growth Catalyst,

Want to meet with me privately for a half-day intensive while I’m in town?


While I am in each city, I’ll be holding a limited number of half-day intensives with clients. In the intensive, we’ll focus on one area of your business where you are experiencing challenges, and we’ll dive deep and solve it. It might be your business model, your marketing pipeline, your pricing and packages or something else.

Each half-day intensive runs four hours and the investment is $1,500 US. To inquire about hiring me for an intensive while I’m in town, click Send Beth a Message in the lower right corner of your screen, and it will send a message direct to my phone.

Here is what I have left for intensives as of today:


Utrecht: Private spots are sold out

 ***** Have a question about the workshops? *****

Just click Send Beth a Message in the lower right corner of this page. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Terms: Your purchase provides you with one registration for the location indicated. In the unlikely event the workshop is canceled due to Beth’s illness or other emergency, your full registration fee will be refunded, but no reimbursement will be made to any purchaser for travel or other expenses you may have incurred. We put extensive planning and preparation into your workshop. If you purchase and then decide to cancel, a 50% refund will be available if you cancel at least 7 days prior to the event. If you cancel less than 7 days prior to the event for any reason, no refund is available. To cancel, email us at beth (at) truthandconsciousness (dot) com. No guarantee or warranty is made of any outcome, and any case studies or examples provided during the workshop are for educational purposes only. By registering, you agree to these terms. Thank you.

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