Ready to create your webinar the Truth Guide way?

Join Beth A. Grant, creator of the Archetype Alignment™ Grid, for a revolutionary approach to webinars and teleseminars.


Did you miss the Master Class? Listen right now about how Truth Guide webinars & teleseminars are radically different than what you might be used to … or what someone might have taught you. Just click the Play button below.

Webinars and teleseminars are some of the best and most efficient ways to maximize your impact and income as a Truth Guide. They allow you to:

  • Reach a global audience
  • Engage your audience with almost no hard costs (vs. live events)
  • Create an offer quickly and get it out, versus long-lead-time product launches
  • Give yourself income when you want it by engaging your audience with high-quality content
  • Refine your process so you can rinse and repeat.

If you ask any 6-figure or higher Truth Guide who has compelling content, most will tell you that webinars and teleseminars are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars of income for them over their career, or even more. This is an essential skill to master, and you’ll want to do it in a way that’s aligned with your Truth Guide nature.

The alternative is to structure your webinar like a Guru, which not only does not create sales, it feels bad inside because these methods were just not built for you. It’s just not YOU and you’re a beautiful, graceful dolphin — you do NOT have to put on a shark suit to create real income from webinars!

Read what a client had to say who was using a Guru-Star formula, and learned how to revamp her webinar to Beth’s Truth Guide approach:

My 1:1 work with Beth helped me to revamp my webinar content and marketing.  With her guidance, my webinar enrollment tripled and so did sign ups for my Calming Compass program. … [The curriculum Kim experienced was then turned into this program]

Beth’s guidance has shown me that by aligning my marketing with my archetype, I can whole-heartedly love my business and have fun!

Kimberly Restivo

Therapist and Parent Coach, Growing Up Confident

If you’d like some help creating your aligned webinar, I have developed an online program for you that includes my personal mentoring along the way.  I’ll guide you in everything you need to create your webinar in a way that’s totally aligned with your Truth Guide nature.

What you’ll walk away with:

Archetype Alignment™


A deep understanding of how to use webinars or teleseminars to market and sell from your archetype – with what you most naturally give, and what your clients most naturally want from you – for more reliable sales, and clients who energize instead of drain you.

A Repeatable Method


Once you know how to create an aligned webinar, you can…

  • launch it again and again as your audience grows
  • automate it or position it on your home page so it continues to work for you
  • or use the same structure with new content for new offers.

Your Aligned Webinar!


A completed outline/script, highlighting your message so it most powerfully moves your audience forward and that results in organic sales with the right buyers.  I’ll be walking you through every piece from start to finish, and you can ask me any questions that come up, so you feel confident and excited to share it when we’re done.

If you are considering Beth’s Webinars for Truth Guides program, think about it no longer! Since working with Beth, my sales have drastically increased.

It’s all because I learned how to reposition my content for my webinars, set a covenant at the beginning of each webinar, and create intake questions prior to the calls following my online trainings. Sales have never been so easy!

M. Shannon Hernandez

Writing & Content Marketing Coach, The Writing Whisperer

Here’s what you’ll experience and learn:

You’ll receive immediate access to your first module minutes after signing up, and from there can go at your own pace! Modules will be provided in written, audio and video format to help you experience the curriculum in whatever way works best for you. I’ll online coach you through each module, too!

Module 1:  Overview and Audience Clarity

  • Learn the six Truth Guide webinar elements, and get clear on what kind of offer will sell most easily for your archetype to improve your webinar’s conversion rates.
  • Get clear on your client’s needs so they can feel you speaking directly to them.

Module 2:  Choosing Your Offer

  • Understand what kind of offer sells well on a Truth Guide webinar

Module 3:  Choosing Content

  • Mine for your content’s gold, and learn all about the three unique Truth Guide content formats for powerfully moving your audience through clarity and into a decision.

Module 4:  Positioning Content

  • See how to position your content as a Truth Guide, and flesh it out so the bulk of your webinar is done.

Module 5:  Title and Opener

  • Learn a Truth Guide method for titling your talks without pushing pain points or making promises, and learn how to write your honest AND compelling opener – including something you’ll want to say up front so you can feel good inside when you make your offer at the end.

Module 6:  Polish Content

  • Polish your content until it’s truly transformative.

Module 7:  Ending

  • Understand how to elevate your ending so your audience is inspired to take action… and learn how to empower them to make a decision so they’re not wishy-washy or vague about moving forward. Then learn how Truth Guides talk about their offers, so you can make yours without feeling icky inside.

Module 8:  Wording Your Offer

  • Learn the elements involved in fully expressing your offer and its value so your audience is excited and clear about moving forward – and learn how to be compelling the ethical way, so you don’t have to pressure people to buy. There’s a way for the sales process to feel empowering for them (and for you) instead of anxious or forced.

Module 9:  Offer Details

  • Craft your enrollment process so the path from your webinar to your offer is clear, solid, and supportive.

Module 10:  Post-Webinar Enrollments

  • Learn how to engage your audience after the webinar’s over, to maximize enrollment without being pushy or salesy.

This program broke the spell of following a system that wasn’t working for me. I’m so grateful for Beth and the work she is doing.

Eva Love

Relationship Mastery Mentor,

Also included:

Bonuses to help you get the highest ROI from this training…

Bonus #1:

10 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Webinar

The result of brainstorming with my Certified Ambassadors about our favorite, most reliable ways to fill our webinars. Includes paid options (like ads) and free options, too!

Bonus #2:

Webinar Prep Checklist

Prioritized action steps for walking through the logistics of getting your webinar ready, launched, and finished up.

Bonus #3:

Opt-In Page Tips

We’ve put together a list of elements you’ll want to put on your opt-in page and some guidelines for you on how to apply your archetype in the page itself.

Bonus #4:

“Creating Engaging Webinars” Mini-Training by Anastasia Semerok, a master as creating aligned training programs.

This bonus helps you build engagement into your webinar so your audience stays tuned into you the whole way through; you won’t have to worry about whether or not they’re following along!

Bonus #5:

Beth’s Tried-and-True Resources List

All my favorite resources for promoting and delivering your webinar, so you don’t have to struggle to find the right systems and tech – all thoroughly vetted.

I love using webinars but over the years I’ve had mixed results. I joined Beth’s program because I wanted to learn how to align my webinars and presentations in the Truth Guide style vs the Guru Style I had originally learned.

My favorite part of the program was seeing how to put things in context so people would easily grasp my most important content and understanding what I should be doing as a Truth Guide.

My very first time using this method I booked a 6-month private client who is IDEAL, and had GREAT engagement with others who attended.

I highly recommend this program if you want to see how to streamline and put together a webinar that feels congruent and helps attract your ideal clients.

Tami Gulland

CEO & Founder, Tami Gulland Business Coaching,

Whether you plan to offer consultations or sell a product or program on your webinar, you’ll learn exactly what to do — while totally being yourself — in this program, while I personally guide you in creating your webinar.

This solution IS right for you if:

  • You want to use webinars to sell your services or fill enrollment conversations.
  • You’ve struggled with making sales from webinars in the past or know you should be making higher sales because your content is so good.
  • You want to stop enrolling clients who are draining you because they don’t want what you naturally give – and start enrolling clients who light you up and love your strengths.
  • You’ve felt dissonance inside when making your offer (or in any other part of your webinar process).
  • You’re marketing savvy but haven’t done a webinar before and want to make sure you put your time and energy into learning how to do it in a way that’s aligned with your strengths and style from the get-go, rather than struggling with the above problems.

This solution ISN’T right for you if:

  • You’re not a Truth Guide. (If you don’t know what Truth Guide means, watch this short video before purchasing.)
  • You’re hoping you’ll learn how to create a miracle webinar to get you out of a financial crisis.
  • You’re in startup and have not really started marketing yourself. (This curriculum will be over your head.)
  • You don’t have compelling content your ideal client needs to hear.
  • You’re not willing to do the work on your end to flesh out your talk (of course the modules will guide you), build your audience (which could involve investing in ads someday), handle the tech pieces, etc.
  • Or you’re not ready to give aligned marketing a chance, and trust that what is right for you will sing to your clients; you’re too gripped with fear about what the gurus say you HAVE to do in order to get sales.

Past participants in this program loved Beth’s fresh approach to creating webinars.

In fact, they rated the curriculum an average of 9.5 out of 10!

Their favorite part? Helping them find their Jaw Dropper Nugget — join us and you’ll find out what yours is. It’s a part of your content your listeners are longing for you to share. When you share it, they will feel organically enthused to learn about your solution!

Format and Investment

This program includes personal online coaching through each module by Beth, a personal review of your webinar once you’ve written it and a 45-minute session with Beth to strategize on your webinar pipeline.

Want to chat with Beth to see if this is right for you? Click Send Beth a Message on the lower part of this page.

If you want a little more hand-holding or want to breeze through things really quickly, I have something for you …

Developing your webinar 1:1 can also be done in person in a VIP Intensive. We will meet in person in Chicago or another mutually-agreed upon location, depending on my travel schedule and what works best for you. You’ll do some prep work, and then we’ll dig in and spend the day focusing on putting all the elements together and positioning your content. Your entire webinar will be constructed and written during our day together, and you’ll be ready to refine it.

The second day we’ll meet for the morning and get a marketing plan together for your pre- and post-webinar enrollments. Then, I’ll meet with you afterward via two phone sessions to help you tweak it as you test it out, and you’ll have access to me afterward via online coaching for 90 days. When you have refined and created your webinar (including slides), I’ll take one last look at it before you test it, too.

This option is $4,900 and also includes dinner with me. (It does not include travel or accommodations.) To be eligible for this option, you must have an established business and an email list of at least 1,500 subscribers. If you want 1:1 help, message me with the blue question bar in the bottom right-hand corner of this page, and we can set up a brief conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Conversation Truth Guide, and don't want to hold conversations with buyers. Can I still use webinars to sell my programs?

Sure. In the program, you’ll learn how to price and position your offer as a Truth Guide. You get to choose how you use webinars and teleseminars in a way that aligns with your Truth Guide style and your chosen offer, whether that’s a consultation, a product or a program. (Hint: you have a Personal Pricing Threshold. You’ll learn all about what that means in the program.)


Will this program be right for me if I want to do teleseminars instead of webinars?

Absolutely. The only difference between a teleseminar and a webinar is whether or not you choose to use slides. This program focuses mainly on the content you’ll share, not on things like what visuals to use, anyway.


I'm new in business and have never held a webinar or teleseminar. Will this program be right for me?

While you will benefit from this program, I do not recommend you take it if you are new in business. It is intended for people who have been marketing for a while, even if they have never used webinars or teleseminars before.


I'm interested in doing live speaking and selling to an audience in a tasteful way, but not doing webinars. Will this program teach me how to create a Truth Guide "live" talk?

Yes, the same elements go into a live talk, and I will help you understand the nuances of monetizing a live talk vs. a webinar. (You can also choose the VIP option, if you wish and we’ll create your talk in person.)


I've wasted a lot of money on programs that didn't give me any return on investment. How can I know this is the right decision?

How well did those Guru methods work for you, and how did you feel inside? This revolutionary approach is all about helping you find the words to say that are right for you, within a framework matched to your marketing archetype, not someone else’s. Your webinar will position your content to give your IDEAL BUYERS exactly what they want — to be empowered. Guru style webinars are designed to set up- set up- set up PITCH! They rely on promises and hypey testimonials. Truth Guide webinars offer clarity to the buyer, and empower the buyer to simply decide if they’re ready to move forward. If you’re ready for a drastically different approach that feels GREAT inside and creates ease and joy in your sales, this program will be perfect for you. If you can’t let go of “just tell me what to do” in your desire for change, please do not register for this course. It’s not right for you.


Will this help me build an audience for my webinar, or explain the tech side?

This solution is designed to help you flesh out your webinar outline/script from start to finish.  Once you have this valuable piece for your business, it’s just a matter of making it happen in whatever way works best for you.

There are hundreds ways to fill your webinar, and dozens of tech solutions out there; as such, this is not within the scope of this program.  However, your bonuses will give you some high-octane possibilities to consider, and your a webinar checklist that will give you all the elements involved in setting up the tech, sending out emails, etc, (in chronological order, so you know exactly what to focus on first, second, third). That way you can get an idea for what kind of service you want and choose one that fits your needs.

Will I learn how to hold an intake conversation that converts clients?

No, this class is about the webinar itself, not how to have a sales conversation as a Truth Guide. That is also an essential skill and I encourage you to master it when you’re ready. If you need help honing this skill, message me for a special package that includes heavily discounted pricing on my Creating Abundance Through Conversation program, too.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We think we’ve done a good job of outlining what the program is about to help you decide whether it’s right for you, but if you have any questions before deciding, just send Beth a message (you can use the question bar on the lower right-hand corner of this page).

How long do I have to complete my webinar and submit my script for review? Are there any time limits for using my private session?

You have six months to complete the program and submit your script for review. Even if you plan to work off an outline during your webinar, you’ll need to write out your script word for word so Beth can review the wording you think you’ll use. This will also allow you to time your webinar or teleseminar. Your private session must be used within six months of your purchase date.

Need help deciding? Send Beth a short message with your questions or request the chance to have a quick chat … you’ll find a button on the bottom of this page.

DISCLAIMER: The content on this page and this site is for educational purposes only. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the intention and quality of this content. Any examples, case studies or testimonials are not to be interpreted as guarantees, warranties or promises. In applying the concepts presented, each individual will have unique results depending on their commitment, background, education, resources, experience and personal traits.

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