Cristy Nix

About me

I help established women entrepreneurs to have a business that fits their life by aligning their business with who they are. I help them to level up without losing themselves.

Cristy’s business facts

Services:  Business strategy with spiritual awareness

Cristy’s fun facts

What three words would others most often use to describe you?
Direct, insightful, leader

Pay attention, the universe is sending you what you are asking for.

Favorite quote
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”  –Oscar Wilde

Business hero(ine)
Niamh Arthur

Favorite business moment
Realizing that half of the tasks I was doing in my business (because some biz guru told me I had to), that I also loathed doing, were not necessary for me to be successful.

I can hear animals talking (clairaudient)

What Cristy wants to shout from the rooftops
You have it all inside you to be successful, let’s just dig it out!

Additional information

Archetypes served

Primary could be any of these: Charismatic Truth Guide, Conversation Truth Guide, Compelling Creative Truth Guide.




Business strategy with spiritual awareness


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