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Meet My Certified Ambassadors


Aliza Stein

CEO mindset coaching | Branding | Copywriting | Website strategy | Marketing strategy | Online business operations consulting | Marketing automation consulting

Tara in Maine

Tara Butler Floch

Clarity and alignment around ideal clients/niche/packages/pricing/process/marketing message/business development strategies/pipelines

Ave Peetri

Ave Peetri

Marketing strategy and execution plan | Accountability for achieving business growth goals | Marketing coaching

Selma Foeken photo

Selma Foeken

Personal Branding and Marketing Advice

Angella Johnson

Message | Marketing | Live event coaching | Live event consulting

Cristy Nix photo

 Cristy Nix

Business Strategy with Spiritual Awareness

Shannon Hernandez

 M Shannon Hernandez

Content Strategist | Consultant | Speaker

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