Marketing Alignment Advanced Strategies Master Class

Let’s get you aligned. I’ve created a brand new master class for you to help you experience more ease, joy and profits.

Join me for one of the Marketing Alignment Advanced Strategies Master Classes going on this week.

This week I’ll be holding an Marketing Alignment Advanced Strategies Master Class. This class will help you dig deeper with your archetype and see where any misalignments may be occurring for you.

If you are an established heart-centered enterpreneur or coach, this class is perfect for you. (If you’re in startup, it probably isn’t.)

Would you like to join us? I’ll tell you up front, this master class is not free, but I’ve made it super accessible. The content I’ll be sharing is way too valuable for me to give away. And I give away a LOT of awesome content.

In this Master Class, I’ll be sharing:

  • Exactly how you can use your archetype day to day to align with your ideal clients and buyers.
  • The #1 mistake I see people make with online content-driven pipelines that has sales trickling in.
  • The over-arching difference between Truth Guide, Connector and Supporter pipelines and Guru Star pipelines — almost everyone I see doesn’t “get” this. (This is BIG.)
  • The two missing elements in your pipeline that has your ideal buyer refusing to purchase or backing out, no matter what a seemingly perfect offer you’ve put together.
  • Why multi-day live event formulas tend to be a big disappointment for Truth Guides (or bring you the wrong buyers, draining you all year long), and what you can do to fix that.

I’m holding this Master Class three times over the next week. (You only need to choose ONE date/time.)

If you can’t make it live, sign up anyway … I’ll send you a recording. I’ll even strategize with you on a live Q&A after your class. Bring your questions, let’s dig in!

I’ll be staying on after each class for about an hour to get you the help you need. Start thinking about it now … let’s get you completely aligned so you are in joy and ease with your marketing. 

Clicking one of the dates below will take you to a purchase page, which will register you. I’m asking you to invest a very reasonable $50.

After you register, we’ll send you your call access info right away. AND I’ll send you my Quick Start Program absolutely free for signing up. (That’s normally $97 … right there you doubled your investment value.) The nickname for this program is “99 Pages of Pure Gold.” 😉

Below are the available Master Class dates. (Again, if you can’t make it, sign up anyway; I’ll send you a recording). Please allow a minimum of one hour. If you wish to get “live” help during the Q&A, allow an extra hour.

Need help finding your time zone? Use the Eastern time above and New York, New York as your starting city by clicking here

You’ll be sent registration info once you’re signed up. Know someone who would benefit from this Master Class? Feel free to share with anyone you think may want to attend.

Remember, always be yourself



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