Get help with your business from a Certified Ambassador – someone trained and licensed in using the Archetype Alignment™ Grid with clients like you. Only someone who is licensed has permission to use the Grid with you, and they are the only people with the training and expertise to truly understand your archetype and what it means for your business and your marketing. Want to use the Grid with your clients and customers? To inquire about getting licensed, click here.


Aliza Stein

CEO mindset coaching | Branding | Copywriting | Website strategy | Marketing strategy | Online business operations consulting | Marketing automation consulting

Tara in Maine

Tara Butler Floch

Clarity and alignment around ideal clients/niche/packages/pricing/process/marketing message/business development strategies/pipelines

Ave Peetri

Ave Peetri

Marketing strategy and execution plan | Accountability for achieving business growth goals | Marketing coaching

Selma Foeken photo

Selma Foeken

Personal Branding & Marketing Advice

Angella Johnson

Message | Marketing | Live event coaching | Live event consulting

Cristy Nix photo

 Cristy Nix

Business Strategy with Spiritual Awareness

Shannon Hernandez

 M Shannon Hernandez

Content Strategist | Consultant | Speaker

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