In February 2011, I had an epiphany that would change my life forever … and the lives of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.


Here’s what that could mean for you.


image of BethIn February 2011 my whole life changed. Before that, I was a struggling entrepreneur, trying every kind of marketing that was taught, and emulating what I saw the most successful people doing. The problem is, it never quite worked out the way they made it sound, or the way I knew it was working out for a select few others.

The bigger problem was that deep inside, using these marketing tactics felt really bad to me. At times, I felt sick to my stomach; at other times, I felt anxious.

Something was off, and there was a constant dissonance inside me as I pressed Send on an email or wrote words on a web page that were supposed to cause people to buy from me.

Often, I would create a super good program or offering, only to have my ideal clients sit there, unwilling to purchase from me. Other times, when I was able to fill my program, I wasn’t attracting the right people, and all kinds of problems would ensue.

What happened one night that February was what I can only describe as an epiphany. It was an awareness of why I and everyone like me was struggling, and why other people were highly successful. I stayed up all night writing down what I was discovering, and mapped it out in a kind of matrix that I now call the Archetype Alignment Grid™.

The Grid, as we affBlank Grid Graphicectionately call it around here, was the missing piece that every big-hearted person I knew desperately needed. In fact, the moment I shared this with people something interesting happened: most of them, upon learning of the Grid, began crying. Tears of relief poured out of them as they had a profound realization: Oh my God, there is nothing wrong with me, and it’s not my fault. I get to be myself.

Since then The Grid has had a fun ride: it’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs set off on a new course. It’s provided a foundation for choices, not only in the right marketing but in which business model is right for them.

In 2013, it even went viral. What fun I had watching thousands of people opt in to my email list for a chance to get a free kit that would change their lives forever.

When that happened, I realized I couldn’t remain in a business model where I primarily served clients myself. In order to serve the vast numbers of people who needed and wanted this information, I would need to train people in how I do what I do. I decided to license my work via a certification program. For over a year, people had been reaching out asking if they could purchase a license – honest, ethical people who wanted to be in integrity and who readily saw the enormous return on investment purchasing a license for The Grid would mean for them.

So, in May of 2014, I launched my Certified Ambassadors™ program.

For some people, offering licenses without training is appropriate, and they do a mass marketing of these licenses. But that wasn’t aligned with my vision of having a select group of people I can refer my business to, all of whom share my ethics and sense of responsibility that goes with bringing a life-changing concept like this into the world. I wanted to know my Ambassadors and offer them the kind of one-on-one support they would need as they integrated their training into their businesses.

I’ve also seen certification programs be very successful for the provider (creating a 7-figure income), but leave their hundreds (or even thousands) of trainees in a position where they can’t find clients. Not only do the licensees not understand how to use the material to attract clients, they are constantly bumping up against fellow licensees at both online and offline networking events. There are too many licensees and not enough support. I felt their frustration and I realized that offering a mass marketed license just isn’t right for me.

Instead, I decided to commit to four things:

  • Each ambassador will fully understand all twelve archetypes.
  • They can integrate The Grid into their business by re-branding it.logo
  • Every ambassador will, at every opportunity, receive my referrals as a trusted partner.
  • Each person will have personal help with the curriculum modules.

With that in mind, I would like to ask you:

Would you like to be able to use it in your marketing to effortlessly attract new clients and build your audience, giving online or offline talks, or in other ways? (It’s so compelling, it acts like a magnet for new clients.)

Would you like my help in creating a marketing strategy for using the Grid that will pay off big time?

What are the possibilities for you if you could use this with your clients or use it to create passive income?

Are you already informally using The Grid with your clients? (Oops, you may not have realized it, but this isn’t okay. I invite you to be in integrity. Let’s give you a fresh start, no questions asked. And trust me when I say, there is a whole lot about it you don’t know if you haven’t been trained.)

My ideal Certified Ambassador is someone who:

  • I would trust with my business and feel excited about referring my business to.
  • Has high ethics and the desire to operate in integrity.
  • Is already established and successful in their niche, and wants to use the Grid to improve the results their clients can get, attract more potential buyers or expand the impact of their own content.
  • Serves entrepreneurs and believes in entrepreneurship as a way of creating freedom.
  • Is a Truth Guide: you love empowering people and guiding the to make the right choices, or
  • Is a Supporter: you provided a skill, talent or service to entrepreneurs and want to be the best at what you do.
  • Absolutely loves the Archetype Alignment Grid and the way it changed your life.
  • Will openly share your expertise, ideas, referrals and best practices with your fellow Ambassadors in our Think Tank calls.

How does that feel so far? Would you like to explore this powerful tool and see how it might benefit you and your business?

Your first step is to give me a little more information here. That’s all there is to it.

From there, we’ll have a conversation. No selling or pushing (that’s not my style). Just a conversation to see if you and I are a good fit and whether this would be a sound financial investment for you.

If it looks like you moving forward would be right for both of us, I’ll then provide you with the details on what it will take for you to become one of my Certified Ambassadors.






Beth A. Grant, Creator of the Archetype Alignment Grid

PS If you don’t hear back within 48 hours, by all means reach out and make sure we received your application!


Double the response from her very first talk!

Photo of Ave Peetri“When I gave my very first talk on the Archetype Alignment Grid, almost half of the audience raised their hands to want to have an intake conversation with me. Speaking events typically work well in my business, and usually I get maybe 10-15% of people raising their hands. The content of the Archetype Alignment is so compelling that the results more than doubled!”

— Ave Peetri,

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