Follow Your Joy Into Alignment

Get some major ME time in this exclusive 2-day intensive.

Hey there! 

A few months ago, my friend Lauren Fritsch posted a 10-second video on Instagram.

When I saw this video, I went immediately to my pad of giant sticky notes and grabbed my markers. She had come up with a powerful innovation on an old concept … the idea that joy attracts abundance. She called it the Joy Money Matrix™.

For the next four hours, I let my intuition walk me through a process that I have since refined, step by step.

When I was done, I was astounded and exhilarated. I could literally SEE every misalignment and partial alignment in my business, and I knew exactly what choices to make to create perfect alignment … I mean EVERYWHERE: my offerings, my marketing, my business model; even my day to day life that doesn’t involve my business.

I sent everything I had come up with to Lauren, and then asked her if she would license it to me and if I could use her matrix at my upcoming client retreat. She said, “Absolutely!”

My clients LOVED the Joy Money Matrix™.

One attendee said, “Once you started to analyze and asked important questions about how to manage the matrix, that was amazing. It allowed me to challenge assumptions and make new, important decisions and insights.”

Here is a photo from our retreat at the end of the second day. You can see that all of the matrices look very different! This is because each business is different … just like yours.

When you’re in misalignment, whether it’s in your business model, the way you do your webinars, the content you’re sharing, the social media you’re using, there’s a heaviness to it. Or you notice things just aren’t working right. They aren’t FLOWING.

By the way, don’t these women look HAPPY and LIGHT?

Here’s the thing – All misalignments are really about two things:

  1. Limited thinking. You aren’t seeing all the possibilities available to you.
  2. You aren’t following your JOY.

Joy ==> Alignment ==> Profits.

Here’s another thing: deep down, you already know where your joy is. You’re just not willing to see it, or allow yourself to follow it.

And sometimes what you need most is someone to help you see all the opportunities waiting there for you, and to show you how it all fits together, and to remind you that you get to choose.

Would you like some help creating more joyful profits in your biz?

Last week, I announced that I’ll be doing this retreat on a stand-alone basis.

I’m calling it the “Follow Your Joy Into Alignment” 2-day Small Group Intensive.

You’ll be my sole focus for two days (we’ll even have dinner) … and so will your joy and your profits.

DAY 1 I’ll walk you through a specific process to help you create your own Joy-Money Matrix, and then I’ll help you find the opportunities for better alignment. (And I’ll make sure you don’t compromise on what you truly want.)

We’ll go through every single thing in your life … even the things outside your business. In your business, we’ll include every marketing choice, every offer, every body of work, your business model … we won’t miss any hidden joy or hidden profit opportunities – I promise!

DAY 2 is all about limitlessness … making sure you are seeing all the possibilities, and refining your choices. You’ll leave with a plan so you can implement what you decided.

Magnificent Mile

This is the view you’ll have from our boardroom located just off the Magnificent Mile

Are you getting curious? 😉

The least expensive way to experience this powerful and fun 2-day intensive is to come to Chicago.

In fact, our next Intensive will be in June!

If you don’t want to travel to Chicago, put together your own foursome, and I’ll travel to you. I’m dreaming of traveling to places holding this 2-day VIP experience. Places like …

San Francisco / Bay Area

Portland, OR


Boston (I miss my friend Margaret!)

Savannah or Charleston


and New York City!




Southern California


Austin, TX

… hmmm, where else will you be inviting me to visit??? 🙂

Five things you should know about the Follow Your Joy Into Alignment 2-day Intensives:

  • Previous attendees rated this 2-day intensive 10 out of 10 in every category. They loved the personal attention, the guidance, the clarity … even the breakfast. I’m confident you will, too!
  • You’ll leave feeling light and totally clear on every choice to make in your business. I’ll make sure you’re being true to yourself so  you can find the right answers and get into alignment. And you will NOT leave feeling overwhelmed.
  • You’ll get “ME TIME” for two full days. It’s awesome to do this for yourself!
  • If you put together your own group of 4 attendees, you’ll save 25% each. That’s a chunk of change. Can you think of three friends you’d love surrounding you as you make new choices?
  • You’ll save 80-90% over my private, 2-day VIP experience, by meeting as a very small group. (Seriously, this is totally affordable and you’ll get lots of personal attention from me and the group.)

Want to know more? Just send me an email. We’ll hop on the phone for a quick chat and talk pricing and logistics, and see if this is right for you. Remember, you can put together your own group of four and save big. 😉

Remember, always be yourself.



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