In my spiritual practice, I am seeking awareness first and foremost. I wanted to show you a real life example of where I sought awareness and a creative solution showed up. Ready?

I wanted to get rid of the expense of having a car because I almost never drive it. I had about 14 payments left on it + I was paying insurance, upkeep, gas and parking. This seemed ridiculous for a vehicle I drive to church three times a month.

I also had a debt I owed someone. I wanted to get rid of that, too.

I did Access Consciousness clearing on the question of what it would take to get rid of that debt in a way that is easy and graceful.

About two weeks later, I had an inspired idea pop into my mind. The person I owed the money to drove the same model car as me, only much older, and I knew it had around 150,000 miles on it. I wondered if they would want my car instead?

I looked up the value of my car, and it was the $X. I owed $Y on my car loan. And I owed the person $X-Y. So, I asked them if they would want my car. They would pay off my loan, and have the car outright, and my debt would be gone.

They actually DID want my car. And two weeks later, they paid off my loan, and I signed the title over to them. And I no longer owed them anything. EASY, graceful, joyful. And I no longer had the car expense either.

Awareness is the thing to seek most, not what you think you need to solve your problem.

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