Living in the US many of us feel like we’re in Bizarroworld, or maybe an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Things are in upheaval and I’ve been giving a great deal of thought as to what this means for you and your business, and for me, too.

We are living in confusing times, and you may be feeling a mix of emotions. At a minimum, you may feel intensely distracted by what’s going on.

Please take this reality check for what it’s worth: if you allow yourself to become distracted from your business, your business is going to reflect that choice back to you very, very quickly.

Here is my advice for staying on track with your goals during these strange times (if you want additional help, scroll down for something new I’ve created to help you — it’s super budget-friendly and will help you stay on track):

1) Treat your business hours like they are sacred. If you had a job and were accountable to a boss, you would not be spending your day discussing politics, sharing posts on Facebook or checking your Instagram feed. If you spend your workday focused on non-business topics, your business is going to reflect that in your results.

Be accountable to yourself for how you are spending your time. If you want to get actively involved in the current political situation, do it before work, after work, on your lunch hour or on the weekend, exactly as you would do if you had a job. And yes, it’s okay to give yourself a day off to focus on a cause.

2) If you are in the business of helping people lead better lives, people need you now more than ever. People need to know what you do and that you are available to help them. That means marketing your business.

3) Be mindful of where you are putting your attention. Whatever you put your attention on expands. Put it on what you desire. Amp this up big time right now. Get very clear on what you want and stay laser-focused on that. Pull up your old copy of the Desire Map or update your vision board; whatever you do to remind you of your desires, do it.

4) Double up on your spiritual practices and self-care. Your body, mind and and soul need it right now. You might have noticed that current events are challenging your spiritual practice. You might feel distracted or constantly triggered. There has never been a more perfect time for you to do what you already do, in a disciplined way, whether that’s mindfulness meditation, yoga, journaling or walks in nature. All that triggering is showing you where you need more love, healing and self-compassion. Heap it on until further notice.

5) Limit your time on social media, especially political hotbeds like Facebook. Just do it. Here’s what I suggest: take a full-on break for a chunk of time, like a day or a weekend, and notice how your thinking changes and how your body feels. If you feel lighter without it and don’t want to leave entirely, at least wait until AFTER your work day has ended to even open the page. Set a timer. Have at it for a few minutes. Then, be done for the day.

Social media can be like a drug, luring you in (especially with FOMO), but if you’ll take notice, it’s probably making you feel like crap.

6) You may have moments in your business when you don’t know what to do. Like, over the weekend our immigration policy changed and people were and are very upset. Maybe you had a program launch planned and decided to postpone it. Spend that unexpected free time strengthening or learning a skill, diving into a project you’ve been putting off or building your confidence. Create new content. Finish that program you’ve been wanting to do. Reach out and make new connections or pick up the phone and call someone. Declare a project day for yourself. Or just exercise extreme self-care.


Would you like some support eliminating your distractions and getting aligned and laser-focused? I’ve created a community offering for the month of February called Focus on Alignment.

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If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

Remember, always be yourself. 😉

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