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Did you miss Steps 1 and 2 of creating an aligned new year? Just click here for Step 1, and click here for Step 2. You’ll definitely want to complete these steps sequentially for the best result!

Ready for Step 3 creating the year you truly want? Okay, let’s do this.

What does alignment mean? Put simply, it means you’re in joy and purpose, and money is flowing … simultaneously. Most people experience one of these in abundance, but they don’t get to have them all at once. They might have joy working with clients or making their art, but hardly anyone is buying. They might feel deeply purposeful, but their business feels heavy or drains them. They might be rolling in money, but they are burning out or don’t have time to travel or go to their kids’ soccer games. They don’t have time to stop and smell the roses.

To be in alignment means you get to have the money, joy, time, purpose and freedom in your business all at once, without sacrificing your well being.

To create alignment, you must start by creating a foundation for making choices that comes from a perspective that anything is possible and that the process of creating what you want can be easy, fun and delightful. In other words, you have to believe you get to have everything you want at the same time.

Does this mean your business is perfect and you’re always running through a meadow on a sunny, warm afternoon, chasing butterflies? That life is always puppy dogs and rainbows? Of course not.

It means that you are doing your utmost to make aligned choices on the front end, so you can reduce the amount of time and energy on the back end you might have to spend correcting bad choices. That means honoring what you truly want and honoring who you ARE. It means what others advise you to do means nothing if you’re not on board on the inside. It means knowing that any information you need will be available to you to get you where you want to go … if you create a mental and spiritual environment of higher awareness.

It means that when you make a misaligned choice that creates a clunky process or disappointing result, you STOP. When something feels heavy, you STOP. When you’re determined to use a certain marketing method and no one is buying, you STOP. You assess what’s happening, gather information, look inward and ask what’s going on. You seek out and honor the truth, even if it means acknowledging that you made a shitty decision going in. You course-correct.

You get yourself into limitless thinking by asking questions like, “If I knew I could have the outcome I want and it could be fun and easy to make it happen, what would I choose?”

Asking questions is the key to creating more alignment in your upcoming year … the RIGHT questions.

Grab a journal and a pen and keep reading.

Questions like:

1) What do I truly want to happen this year? Am I willing to ask for it rather than settling for what I think I can get?

You have one life. Why settle when every possibility is available to you? Every now and then I find myself in desire of quick cash flow. For example, last month my accountant told me I needed to put aside more for my taxes than I thought. I needed double my normal income for the month. Whoa, right? That’s a chunk of change. I see people when this happens trying to create some big elaborate scheme to make it happen. I used to do that, too. Now I just ask, “If I knew I could have this money and it could be enjoyable and fun to get it, what would I want to focus on and offer this month?” (By the way, I exceeded my number, and the process was easy. I received spiritual guidance on an action I’d been neglecting that needed to be taken care of, and it paid off right away.)

When I say “easy” what do I mean? I don’t mean you get to be a lazy slob and never have to do any work. I mean the process is divinely efficient and you get to be yourself … and maybe even have fun.

2) What project have I been avoiding that’s actually the most important one in my heart and soul? Am I willing to allow myself to honor my soul’s desire? You probably already know what this one is for me: my writing and songwriting and singing is being bumped up where it belongs. I started to give my creative dreams their due the last couple of years, and now it’s time to ramp things up.

First step? I rejoined a writer’s group I was in last fall where I’ll write regularly, be guided by an expert and will get on stage to share my stories. I’ll also go to meetups called Shut Up and Write where a bunch of us writers who otherwise would procrastinate sit in a cafe and get shit done. And last quarter, I bought a piano. What’s a songwriter without a piano? Was that little keyboard I’d been using the past ten years really adequate? No way. A musician, writer, artist … anyone at all … needs her tools. These are solid steps toward getting what’s most important to me into the world, and I’ll also need to get into a rhythm with my process, set some targets and deadlines and make sure I course-correct if I get off track.

3) What feels fun to me this year, even if I can’t see yet how I could make it happen? Enough said. Focusing on fun automatically creates alignment. A few years back, I found myself having zero fun. I used to see clients first thing in the morning, and then I would work on the rest of my business responsibilities the rest of the day. I never seemed to fit fun in there. So, I switched around my schedule so my morning was all about creative expression, spiritual time and even dancing, and a funny thing happened: fun, creative clients started landing in my inbox. I kid you not. Fun breeds fun.

4) If I knew I could have the money / joy / purpose / freedom I want, what would I choose this year? Never, ever set intentions based on what you think you can get. Set intentions based on what you truly want, and that’s exactly what will be delivered to you. Here’s the key: you have to ASK. Really. I’ve discovered that the divine isn’t big on intervening, especially with mundane things like business stuff. But if you just ask, whatever you want will be divinely arranged for you … and then your job is to pay attention to see what YOU need to do to make it happen.

5) Am I willing to ask for help? How are you starting your day? Do you wake up and check your email, and four hours later, you realize you’ve forgotten to eat breakfast? This is the action of a Striver, who will squeeze out a tiny result from a whole lot of effort. If you want more alignment — ease, joy and profits — choose a morning practice that puts you into a grounded place of higher awareness. Nourish yourself. Connect with the divine. Every hour you spend expanding your consciousness will save you days of work.

On the practical side, if you’re still doing stuff you detest or you’re bad at, maybe now is the time to ask for help in your business? What would be the first task you’d want someone else to handle for you? That might be a great first step toward creating more alignment … which happens when you are focused on your area of excellence and purpose, not on doing stuff that brings you down or drains you. If you had all the help you need, what would be possible for you this year?

There you go … five questions to help you open up to possibilities and make aligned choices, which will set you on the right track.

What will be possible for you in 2017? Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or just want to share insights you’ve had or what might be possible for you when you get into alignment.

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