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Truth is truly the doorway to freedom. You cannot be truly free in your business or any other area of your life when you are lying to yourself or others. It might seem like things are great on the outside, but inside that little voice will tell you otherwise.

It is rare that we are completely truthful with ourselves, and we usually avoid the truth because of fear … fear that we can’t fix it, fear that we will fail, fear that we will succeed and get everything we want.

Alignment is all about finding and honoring your truth. So, here are three questions you can journal on to help you find your truth:

1) Was there any area of your business this year where you didn’t practice what you preach or were out of integrity? For instance, this year I realized halfway through a class I was running that my videos I was producing were not up to the standards that I was teaching. In other words, they were okay, but they weren’t setting the highest and best example of what good training videos represent. So, I’m having them all redone. Having already paid someone a lot of money to create them (she did well at what I had asked … I had given poor direction), this means double the expense, but I am not willing to go into the next year and sell the course again without videos that meet my standards.

I wasn’t compromising my ethics, but didn’t represent my highest and best. Because I teach marketing, this is a very important area for me to correct.

Maybe you teach meditation but secretly you fell off track for an entire month. Maybe you made your business look more successful financially outwardly than it actually is. We all make mistakes, but the dissonance these type of misaligned choices create will affect you and your business in some way even if it doesn’t show itself for a long time.

2) What truth kept popping up this past year — that little voice in the back of your head? Did you choose to acknowledge it? Did you ignore it? For me, the truth I faced going in to 2016 that had been popping up for a long time was that even though I’d hired a CPA and bookkeeper in 2014, I was still operating in financial chaos to some degree. So, early in 2016 I chose to face the truth and seek out a practical solution. I hired someone to develop a customized business and personal financial tracking system for me to help me track my money day to day and forecast to the penny exactly what I needed when. I feel so much more confident now and I was able to add new hard cost activities to my business this year — like holding live workshops in Holland, New York and Denver — without creating problems in my business.

3) What is your big lie? Almost all of us have one. Don’t beat yourself up. But this gigantic “thing” that you’re jumping over, crawling under, dodging as you go through your week, your month, your year … that big lie that keeps popping up is your soul calling out to you, trying to steer you to your truth. Maybe it’s that your business isn’t really your dream, maybe it’s that you’re terrified of more exposure, maybe it’s that your business just isn’t succeeding, maybe it’s that the stuff you’re wanting to work just ISN’T. Whatever it is, acknowledging your Big Lie might sting for moment, but it will also free you to face the facts. Don’t get wrapped up in the story about it. No editorializing. Just stick to the facts. It is in the facts that you will find your truth and only through the truth can you choose a better solution.

For me, here is the truth I’ve been lying to myself about: I have told myself for over a decade now that I don’t have time or money to pursue my creative dreams. This is actually a gigantic lie. I have plenty of time. I really do. My business affords me great freedom, and that’s why I started it in the first place. I have plenty of money or the means to get it, especially in the era of crowd-sourcing and other creative financing solutions. The truth is, while I’ve had a few victories — like getting on stage this year to tell a story or doing a live performance in 2015 of my original music — I’m not making the kind of progress I want to make. There is no excuse for it. All of that isn’t really my big lie, though. My big lie is that I get to live forever. What a gigantic lie that is. The truth is, time will run out for me on this earth at some point, and I’m not dying with my best creations — songs, stories, art — living inside of me! I would consider that the greatest tragedy that could occur from my life. F*CK THAT. It’s time to get real.

Whatever your big lie is, why not look it in the eye and see it for what it is … a story you’re telling yourself? I mean, why go another year dodging this untruth? Just see it for what it is … and open up the possibility of true progress this coming year.

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