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I love this time of year, from now till January 1. It’s that beautiful time of year when we find a natural rhythm to reflecting, letting go  and opening up to new possibilities, transitioning from one year to the next and from one result to the next desire.

My greatest wish for you is that you will find more alignment in 2017 — where you dwell in ease, joy and freedom. If you could struggle a bit less and have a bit more ease, what would be possible for you?

I find this time of year to be rife with opportunities to reflect, and the truth is, until you reflect and notice where you are misaligned, you will have a very hard time finding more ease and joy in your business in the new year.

Here are three questions you can journal on or simply ask yourself, to help you find your misalignments in your business and see what to let go of as you prepare to move into the next year:

  • What is the pebble in your business shoe? Have you ever had a pebble in your shoe? It hurts, doesn’t it? It’s pretty difficult to keep walking and especially to enjoy the walk itself if you have a pebble in your shoe. So, what do you when this happens? You reach down, take off your shoe, look for the pebble, shake it out and make sure the pebble is gone forever. Have you ever shaken out your shoe but then when you put it back on, you realize the pebble just moved to the side temporarily? Sure enough, within a few steps, it’s back again, under the tender ball of your foot. The business-pebble in your shoe is something that stings, but you haven’t stopped and taken care of it permanently until it’s completely gone. It’s super important to identify what the pebble is in your business and STOP for a moment and assess what’s going on. See where it is, and permanently get rid of it. It might be your lack of a team, your cash flow problems, your broken business model, a difficult client or something else. Take a moment now and journal about what your pebble is and what you are going to do about it. The truth is there if you’re willing to see it.
  • What did you band-aid this year in your business that needs a permanent solution? This is usually something that is holding you back from the growth you want. It might be lack of support help, trying to do your own bookkeeping or graphics instead of outsourcing, using mismatched memes because you haven’t completed a real branding of your business, trying to lead yourself when you really need an expert to guide you or any number of other things. A band-aid is a great temporary fix but in your business, there are certain things that really hold you back if you don’t permanently solve them.
  • What felt heavy in your business this year? Your business is constantly showing you what’s misaligned through the feelings you experience in your body. Having awareness of how things feel is one of the most powerful consciousness tools you can use yourself every single day. Take a few minutes and journal about what felt heavy this year. Look at specific marketing you tried, the offers you made, the way you felt when you made your offers, the conversations you had, the projects you worked on, all of your clients, the admin and accounting … everything! List out everything that felt heavy or feels heavy when you think about it. This will give you so much clarity and what to let go of in the new year.

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