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A fun thing happened this year. I had a client who kept sending me love letters.

I would wake up and an email would be sitting there telling me all the things that were going on and how great they were. It was delightful! So … I thought I would share her story. I hope you find it inspiring. At the end, I’ll share how you can explore creating alignment in your business, if you want to. Sound good?

M. Shannon Hernandez, “The Writing Whisperer,” found me on Blab last spring during one of my Beta shows. She reached out, and we set up an intake call. I learned that Shannon was a Compelling Creative and Conversation Truth Guide. (If you don’t yet know your marketing archeteype, click here and watch a short video to learn about yours.)

She had built up a business fairly quickly through receiving some excellent advice from her startup coach.

However, the way she was marketing was very Guru-Star — pitches that didn’t feel right, hypey tactics … you know the drill. And she was resisting one of the main things about her archetype that could help her make bigger profits: having conversations with potential clients.

Shannon was using webinars as her main form of online marketing, and while she was getting some clients and students, I could see things were not very efficient and I knew exactly where she needed to tweak things so she could get aligned with her Natural Style and Personal Persuasion Power.

That meant adding two crucial Truth Guide elements that were missing, and re-positioning her content and offer to be more Truth Guidey. Shannon was making the #1 webinar mistake, too: she was teaching during her webinar instead of offering clarity. (Classic error for a Truth Guide.)

She decided to test out her new webinar and ran some Facebook ads.

Then I received Love Letter #1. It started out: “I gave my first webinar this week—it was AWESOME!”

Shannon said she had 36 people register, 29 showed up live for the call and 27 stayed through the offer. (Do those numbers seem low to you? Here’s the deal: aligned marketing is very efficient. You don’t need 2000 people or even 200 people to sign up for your webinar to make solid income. If you want to buy enough ads to get 200 people or you have a big email list, great! But you don’t need that many leads to get the same outcome you can get with far less, if you choose get aligned.)

She noticed that perfect strangers were wanting to hire her from this webinar. Boom, she made $6,000 in two conversations before she had even done the follow-up emails.

And Shannon’s offer from the webinar wasn’t even for coaching. It was actually for a program, but people were so eager to eat up her solution, many of them reached out asking if they could hire her 1:1 instead. She continued with the follow up emails and made even more money, from one simple webinar without barraging her list with unwanted emails or doing icky-feeling pitches.

Another thing I helped Shannon do was flesh out an idea she had related to content marketing. She called it the Content Personality Wheel™. She then decided to create a quiz and drive people to the quiz as her opt-in. I thought this was a great Compelling Creative approach, and it allowed her to test out her new content.

She went on some summer travels and then sent me Love Letter #2, saying, “My business is booming with qualified leads. I went away for 11 days and came back to a ton of consultations who are booking my high-end coaching package. Can you believe that? I’m so excited. And I’ve sold two of the six spots in my retreat in just one week!” (Do you see how alignment creates a smooth flow to your business, where there is ease and joy and you attract the right people?)

Another change Shannon made? She honored her Conversational archetype and started picking up the phone and TALKING to people instead of trying to sell them stuff via email. She immediately made several thousand dollars … in one day … just by making this change, and learning how to hold conversations as a Truth Guide, where the buyer is empowered, not sold to.

I also felt that Shannon could probably raise her prices, and most of all I helped her position her offers differently. This immediately allowed her to make more income for the same amount of time (leveraging!).

Later I received Love Letter #3 from Shannon:

“I can’t thank you enough for the help and guidance and coaching you have given me. It works. It really freaking works! I am aligned and people are eating this Content Personality Wheel™ up! Thank you, Beth!”

And a month or so later, I received Love Letter #4 (so fun to wake up to these!):

“I feel so aligned Beth—and I feel good again and on my game. Thank you! Thank you for all your hard work with me and thank you for putting brilliant content into the world.”

Want help getting aligned in your business? Click to learn more about how I work with clients and whether we might be a perfect fit. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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