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Since the epiphany I had in 2011, the Archetype Alignment Grid has changed tens of thousands of lives. It has evolved into a deep, rich body of work.

In 2014, I realized to make a greater impact with this work, I would need to license it and teach others how to use it with their clients. We’ve had about 20 people choose to be trained and share this work with others. That’s 20x the impact I could have had on my own!

You’ve had a taste of how to get into alignment. Can you imagine what a hero it will make you to help your clients with this, too?
And the deeper understanding you will get of the Grid will create more and more alignment for you in your own business.

This month I’m doing something I’ve never done before: I’m bonusing a face-to-face, 2-day private VIP mentoring package valued at almost $5000 to everyone who signs up for certification.
And you’ll still get the regular bonuses, which include free access to every class I have, among other benefits.
There are three main benefits to becoming certified:

1) You use the Grid in every aspect of your own business and experience alignment on a larger scale. This WILL happen. I guarantee it.

2) It’s like a client magnet, and you’ll be able to use it in your marketing. (You can even rebrand it.)

3) You can use it with your clients to get them the best possible results and become the coach or Supporter who blows them away with how great you are.

Because I personally online coach you through the training, I can only take a handful of people into this special offer. (And I don’t want to overbook my 1:1 spots with these bonuses. Having spaciousness in my calendar is a high priority with me.)

But I can take five of you right now. Five people who want their clients to experience the expansive results that alignment brings. Five people who want to dive deep in their own business in using the Grid.

During your face-to-face VIP intensive, we’ll dive into whatever areas in your business need better alignment, whether that’s your business model, your marketing pipeline, your brand, your messaging … we’ll do a prep call to get clear on your priorities.

(If you live overseas, you can still get certified, but this particular bonus offer may not be available to you. However, you’ll still receive some 1:1 with me.)

Curious? Just click reply and let me know you might be interested, and we’ll see where to go from there. If I see a potential fit, I’ll invite you to a conversation. Or, jump ahead to the application. Or click here to read more about the program.

Want to see the impact getting Certified can have on you and your business?
Read about what happened at Ave’s first talk sharing the Grid: https://www.truthandconsciousness.com/2015/03/12/alignment-stories-over-half-the-room-wanted-consultations/

Or what happened at Angella Johnson’s live event right after getting certified:

Or the palpable shift Gina Trimarco experienced after applying what she learned in her own business (after years of being told she had to do Guru tactics):

I can’t wait to see who the next five are who take this step. A powerful peer group, support and alignment are waiting for you! 🙂

Remember, always be yourself.

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