Are you trying to use live events to fill your programs, but something isn’t flowing the way you wanted? When you’ve worked so hard to fill the seats, it sucks to walk away disappointed in sales — or maybe even take a loss. Ouch.

The income potential from making offers at your live events cannot be overstated. It is an extremely effective way to leverage your time. Even gathering 20 people in a living room for a 2-day workshop holds tremendous possibilities.

There are six “event points” where misalignments occur. When any of these things are off, you won’t be attracting the right buyer to purchase, and your ideal buyer will want to run the other way when you make your offer.

(And when you serve non-ideal clients, they don’t begin to tap into your highest gifts … the real work you were meant to do.)

Are you making choices that honor your marketing archetype? (If you don’t know about the Archetype Alignment™ Grid, click here to watch a short video that will change your life.)

When you are misaligned with your marketing archetype, this is how your audience feels:

  • Baited-and-switched.
  • Disappointed in you.
  • Confused and unable to make a decision.
  • Wrong in moving forward.
  • Like you’re selling at them, not serving them.

When you are aligned and completely being yourself, what you do and say appeals to your ideal client or buyer … and because of that, it flows.

You walk away from your event with the right buyers and the right numbers, and you feel completely ethical and like you’re being YOU.

Do you understand how to make the right choices?

==> Want some help with this? Let’s start by seeing which of the 6 misalignment points is “off” for you.

You’re welcome to apply for a no-cost Live Event Restrospective Session. This one’s on me. Click here to get some clarity and request your session:

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