I love reading, and nearly every business book I read contains a nugget of wisdom that sort of knocks the wind out of me – in a good way.

This morning I opened a little e-book called 10 Minute Money Makers by Jeanna Gabellini. I had read another book Jeanna wrote, applied one money-maker strategy, and within two hours had $900. Fun.

Jeanna teaches the concepts she applied to radically change the profitability of her business in a short period of time – results that stuck. She’s doubled her profits annually since using this approach.

My favorite gold nugget in this book, though, was one line that had to do with shifting your vibration to match your intention. There were certain things she stopped doing, like telling herself she wasn’t good at marketing (and whining … she isn’t too proud to admit she did plenty of that).

And there were certain things she started doing instead, like expecting to be successful, and acting like a CEO instead of a struggling entrepreneur. Bam, there’s the gold!

How many days do you come from an energy of struggle?

How many bad choices have you made – and regretted – instead of making decisions from the take-charge energy of a CEO/director?

What would be possible if you started acting like a CEO – not just when strategic-planning or when you look over the numbers, but all the time?

Last year participated in Jeanna’s program, ProfitQuest. It was a major catalyst for me in shifting up, up, up. I started in May and it was so fun to do my year-end financials and be able to say, “I doubled my monthly income!”

She really has mastered the whole, “Whatever you focus on expands” concept. She just doesn’t give any attention at all to what she doesn’t want. And focusing on struggle just isn’t very smart, is it? It only creates a dynamic of more struggle. Focusing on being a really good CEO ushers in a completely new set of choices and decisions.

The bottom line? This book is worth your time, and then some. Jeanna practices what she teaches, and has solid results to show for it.

You can request your free copy of Jeanna’s e-book for a limited (as well access to some powerful no-cost training). Just click here to request your copy

PS I’m a proud affiliate of Jeanna’s work. There is absolutely no cost for the training; if you later buy something from Jeanna, there is a possibility she will want to compensate me as a thank you. If so, it will NOT affect the price you are charged.

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