Do you have a creative dream — like writing your novel, singing on stage, dancing in a troupe or getting your art in a gallery — and your dream is going nowhere fast?

I know what it’s like. I was stuck in fear for 18 YEARS about my dreams to sing on stage and perform my stories. Read that again. That’s about half my adult life.

Part of the reason I’m moving forward with my solo show now is because I got clear on what was stopping me and received mentoring from someone who had already lived her creative dream, Sandra Gardner.

Sandra is a coach now, but 20 years ago she was where you might be, too, with her dream to be a singer/songwriter until she found a way to move forward. Her band, Poem Rocket, toured the world and brought joy and connection to an audience hungry for the music they created.

I highly recommend taking her new quiz, “What’s stopping me from living my creative dream?” Whether you want to write a book, get on stage, dance, get your art in a gallery or something else, your first step, IMHO would be to take this quic and see what the heck is going on:

It’s a new … give life to your dream!

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