This morning was supposed to be a Project Day. I was supposed to be implementing my plan for January, which involved setting something up I’d done before. It was the easiest path I could think of to generating my desired income for the month.

I looked over my plan. The past month I’ve had an annoying sense of burnout creeping in, and this morning, as I looked at the actions I thought I would need to take to create the income I desired, deep from my solar plexus my body sent me a message:

No freaking way, Beth. Seriously, take that plan and shove it, girl.

Pulling up my calendar, I analyzed the next three weeks. “It’s not that bad,” I reasoned. I have about three hours of client appointments, four days a week. I’m in Austin for a couple of days, which wipes out two days for travel. “But I can work on the plane!”, I told myself. I do have Project Days set aside for the “doing.”

The feeling in my solar plexus glowed with irritation. It’s like it lit up stronger as if to say, “You didn’t hear me. I said NO FREAKING WAY. I’M NOT DOING IT.”

This left me perplexed, frustrated … but relieved: I wasn’t going to do any of the things I had planned, all of which were the easiest possible ways I could think of to make my income goal. I’m talking not hard at all, but I wasn’t going to do them because I feel tapped out and I’m just not willing to “do” anything else this month. Money generated from a place where I’m sacrificing self-care isn’t really creating abundance.

And the thing is, I know it can be so much easier than that. I know it can be effortless. I know this from personal experience.

I didn’t buy a Powerball® ticket last week, although I did take notice of the massive jackpot, which had risen to around $700 million. I saw in the news that a winning ticket was not purchased, which means the new jackpot is projected to be at least $1.2 billion.

This got me thinking.

What would I do with such a massive amount of money?

How would my life change?

What choices would I make in my business? Would I even still WANT my business?

What are the first three things I would do once I knew this money was coming?

Ask yourself these questions … you might be surprised at the answers.

My answers are personal, but answering these questions will show you massive insights about your business, your life and the choices you make day to day.

It will show you where you’re starving for something (me – a piano, more social interaction, and more artsy classes) and where you are tolerating people and situations. It will show you a greater vision for your life because there will be nothing holding you back any longer. It will also show you what’s really important to you.

One of my answers was that I would immediately book a recording studio to record two of my songs. (I don’t need to win the Powerball to do that!)

It will definitely show you whether — even though you love how purposeful your work is — you’re actually in it, or the business model you’ve chosen, for the money.

Anyway, now that I had let go of my plan, I started to wonder, “What if creating the money I want this month could be as easy as winning the Powerball?”.

I have, in fact, created such things before.

I used clear intention + shifting my vibration to cause my work to go viral, for instance. That was cool. And I’ve won a whole bunch of stuff where I just bought a ticket, like Superbowl® pools, original John Lennon art, slot machines and numerous raffles. And one time out of the blue someone gave me $10,000 … an answer to an intention I’d set to have a month to just write songs, with no responsibilities.

But letting go of the how is really important — if I become attached to how I would create a massive amount of money this month (for instance, if I decide that the only way to create this kind of ease is by winning the Powerball, I’m immediately creating a limitation. In fact, just getting attached to a particular time frame is creating a limitation.

I went to my planning sheet and just for fun, first I added several zeros to my projection, and just sat with that number. I started laughing. It looked so ridiculous. Then I erased that and put in the Powerball number, an even higher number.

January: $1,200,000,000. *giggle*

I noticed inside I felt totally delighted, and light. So much lighter than the number I’d originally chosen, which was from a place of limited thinking. I had shifted my point of view completely.

Then, I asked myself some “power questions” to shift my vibration up, up, up. Questions like:

  • What if I COULD attract a huge amount of money this month, and what if it COULD be as easy as winning the lottery? What if that was possible?
  • What if there is nothing else I need to do re: creating a big income surplus?
  • What if creating a huge amount of money this month could happen in a way that contributed to my greater well-being, instead of taking away from it? What if THAT was possible? To have it happen in a way that actually energized me?
  • What if I could be in a massive surplus by the end of the month, and there is nothing else I need to do? What if that was possible?

And then I asked my favorite question to ensure I make the right choices: If I knew I could have what I want and I knew it could be easy, what would I do today? My answer: Take exceptional care of myself.

And you know what I noticed next? That feeling in my solar plexus had dissipated, because I had opened up to solutions that aligned with my well being.

Am I going to buy a Powerball ticket? Probably. Sure, why not? Am I going to win? I don’t know. But I DO know that I will be attracting plenty of money this month in a way that is totally fun and easy and contributes to my well being, because now I’m open to anything.

Need help making aligned, limitless choices in your business when it comes to marketing and your business model?

Send me a message and let’s see if my Aligned Marketers Acceleration Mastermind might be right for you.

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