When I make an offer and someone says, “Wow, you are so generous,” it makes me SO happy. So I asked myself, “How can I be even more generous as I close out this amazing year?”

Generosity Sale, Part 1 — Certified Ambassador Program

(Part 2 begins December 24) 

Do you serve entrepreneurs? If so, you might want to consider becoming a Certified Ambassador.
If we both see a perfect fit and you enroll in the Certified Ambassador program by December 23, you’ll receive a bonus package that will absolutely DELIGHT you (see below). It’s the most robust, Beth-are-you-sure-this-seems-like-a-lot bundle I’ve ever put together for this.

What is the Certified Ambassador program? Click here to learn more.

I have a secret to share about my CA program:
People love using the Grid with their clients (and using it to attract new clients), but their favorite part of the program is actually the mentoring I give them in their own business.
Sure, your clients will get even better results, so your credibility will soar. That’s a given.
And you get to use the Grid to attract new clients … it’s seriously the most compelling thing I’ve ever seen for that. It’s like having an employee who goes around prospecting for you 24/7.
But when you see how to get aligned yourself, your business uplevels big time. You attract the right buyers. You never have to sell, EVER. And you become so much more JOYFUL.
If we both feel the program is perfect for you and you’re one of the first 3 enrollees, I’m going to give you the most robust mentoring package I’ve ever offered.
As in, lots of 1:1 access to me.
Like, how about I personally design a pipeline with you that directly helps you make up your investment as quickly as you can?
And how about including access to ALL of my courses absolutely free? See a skill you need to master? Boom, done.
Sure, why not?
How about I pay for your first year license fees, too, once you’re certified?
Sounds good to me!
I’ll share the details with you in a conversation but my goal is that you, too, will say, “Wow, you are so generous.”

Interested in seeing if becoming certified is right for you? Just click here to take the first stepYou have nothing to lose by applying. 🙂

Questions? Just click the message icon on the screen.

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