It seems to be the season of hiring mentors and coaches for the new year. Investing in the wrong mentor has a price way beyond the cost of the program. There is lost time, it chips away at your confidence and you under-earn vs your potential as you chase your tail.

Could you use some help deciding who to hire? Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you invest your money with a program or person:

1) What are the two biggest areas in which my business needs the most help RIGHT NOW? Is it marketing strategy? Mindset? Money management? Are you ready to move from 1:1 to a situation of creating passive income? Do you need to build your list big time? It’s SUPER important to get clear on what you need most. Then you can choose a mentor who specializes in these areas. It doesn’t matter how successful the person is or how good they are at other things. They need to be able to help you with what YOU need RIGHT NOW.

2) What skills do I lack, but need to master, in order to achieve my goal? Make sure you choose a mentor who can teach you those specific skills because they are a specialist or have a proven track record in that skill set. It doesn’t matter if they built a successful business if they did it using skills that don’t apply to you. There needs to be an alignment between your needs and what they offer. For example, if you want to become a speaker, it makes no sense to hire a coach who doesn’t know how to help you do that.

3) What archetype do I think the mentor I’m considering on The Archetype Alignment Grid? (If you don’t know what that is, watch this short video to get up to speed. It will change your life.) Will they “get” me? If they aren’t my archetype, have they been trained in helping my archetype achieve these goals (like my Certified Ambassadors, for example)?

4) How do I feel inside when I talk with this person? Do I feel like the little kid I was on the playground who wanted to be in the in crowd is making this decision? Or do I feel like the person is accessing the CEO in me? Do I feel expansive and like I can be myself? Does interacting with them feel like I’m shrinking a bit inside (that means you’re not being empowered)? Do I feel like they’re using slick sales tactics to convince me they’re the right fit?

5) Does the way this person does business align with my values?

6) Does this choice feel light or heavy? (The body never lies.)

If you follow these guidelines, it should help you make the right choice for you and avoid making the wrong investment.

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