The coolest thing happened this morning. Wait, let me back up. Yesterday the woman in line at the donut shop where I buy my morning coffee asked, “How much is the medium?”. The man answered. Then she said, “How much is the small?”.

So, I bought her a freaking LARGE. It felt good inside to shower her with this tiny act of kindness.

Today I ran errands during my usual coffee run time, and showed up a bit later. I noticed there was a man in a white shirt talking with the owner, and another man in a State Farm [insurance] shirt.

Soon the second man called out, “Just to let you know it’s Random Act of Kindness Tuesday and we’re going to pay for your order today.”

“Cool!” I thought. They’re paying for our coffees. I got up to the counter and ordered my coffee, plus a bagel. I went to pay for the food, and the clerk said, “No, these gentlemen are buying that, too.”

I thought this was really generous and the thing I noticed most was that they were completely detached from getting anything at all out of this offer.

Except for the fact that I knew they worked for State Farm Insurance (along with tens of thousands of other agents), I had no way to reach them once I walked out the door. However, I now had an awareness of them and their company I didn’t have when I walked in the door.

I said, “Really? Even my breakfast?”. The man talking with the owner said, “No strings attached.” I looked at him, and he almost reluctantly gave me his card, and simply said, “If you ever need anything, just let me know.”

Well, turns out I really have a bad insurance agent. Poor service. Lazy. Not proactive at all. I have actually needed to find a new insurance agent for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to it. There is a very high likelihood this man will be my next insurance agent.

What I want you to notice is that all of this came from the right state of being and the best possible intention. It came from a Having place. There was no manipulation involved. They weren’t even shoving their cards in our faces.

They just felt inspired to give, and it surely will come back to them, but even if they didn’t get one client out of it, I doubt very much they’d walk away grumbling, because the marketing wasn’t about THEM.

That is what alignment looks like. Heartfelt, inspired marketing where you are completely detached from the outcome. Marketing that is organic and acts as a magnet for those who need what you have.

It doesn’t mean you don’t overtly market (sometimes that’s necessary, and can be done in an inspired, authentic way that feels good inside).

When you do this, you attract a totally different buyer … a PERFECT buyer for what you offer. You lose the drain in your day. Your heart is full. You work way, way less. And best of all, you make the impact you were meant to make by serving the people who can access your highest level of brilliance.

Want some help achieving this kind of flow, ease and joy in your business? Just give me a little info here and we can see if working together might be a perfect step for you. We’ll have an open, fact-finding conversation and I might even invite you to be my client, but only if I truly feel there is an alignment between your needs and my skills. No strings attached. 😉

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