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This is what I want for YOU (clients freaking out with happiness):

Last week I offered a couple of students some marketing strategy insights in a class I was running. (Stuff I can do in my sleep, it is SO easy for me.) They proceeded to FREAK OUT WITH HAPPINESS after the session was over.

THAT is what total alignment looks like, and I can help you achieve it. (I’ll give you a hint: STOP SELLING. You never, ever have to sell, manipulate, ask leading questions, or convince your buyer again when you use my approach.)

If you are marketing savvy you’re probably making really good money. What if instead of more money, you attracted BETTER money?

Here’s what I mean: Making lots of money does not mean you are in alignment. You can learn how to sell things to people who don’t freak out with happiness. People do it all day long.

You can ignore the voice inside that tells you something isn’t quite right or that your coach doesn’t “get” you. And the thing is, when you make all that money, you think, “Well, I DID make that money, so maybe she was right.” NO!

You know what I mean, right? When you stand on a stage or have a conversation or whip up a sales page, and you get people to buy (even though there is that little blip of weirdness going on inside that you pretend isn’t there).

So they pay you 5 figures for a year-long program, or whatever, and they do all right, but about 5 months in you start to dread the appointments. And you’re working way too hard to get the sale.

That is what I would call disharmonious selling. It’s just a misaligned skill that you thought you had to learn so you could generate the money you want to make.

And inside you already knew something was off because in a moment of brutal self-honesty, you allow yourself to notice that a lot of your buyers are getting mediocre results.

That is big money in your pocket, but that ISN’T THE IMPACT YOU WERE MEANT TO MAKE ON THE WORLD.

The people I help the most often are already making pretty good income. What happens when we work together is that the income they’re making gets SO MUCH BETTER because they get into ALIGNMENT — with clients, with their messaging, with who they are, with the marketing approaches they’re using.

Don’t we all want to do work every day where people are freaking out with happiness? I mean, doesn’t that just sound really freaking GOOD?

And every time you accept money from someone who isn’t going to freak out with happiness, you create a disharmony that has a price.
Bottom line… if you want your business to be way, way better (which lets you achieve your highest vision), I’d love to hear more about what you need and see if working together would be the right fit for both of us.

Just click here to give me some info and away we go.

If you’re ready to have your business be 10x better than it is now, and see a significant increase in the amount of impact you can create, I’d love to talk with you.

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