Have you ever embarked on a marketing-related project and it didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted it to? Maybe you tried to do a program launch, or even send out an email inviting people to consultations, and you got the proverbial crickets?

 Or maybe your revenue is flowing, but deep inside you know something is “off”? (A big hint is when you dread working with a client, or the people in your classes aren’t getting the results you know are possible.)

 There’s a specific reason it happens, and I’ve put it into a brand new instant-access webinar for you. The most important parts of the webinar are the first 6 minutes, so if you can hang with me that long, you’re going to see exactly what’s going on.

Just click the play button to watch.

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Want to explore joining the Marketing & Miracles™ Alignment Acceleration Program?  Visit https://www.truthandconsciousness.com/op/miracles and just scroll down past the video.


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