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Do you have “Launch PTSD”? You’ll know you have it because when you think of launching a new product, program or service online, you freeze up, start feeling anxious or do anything you can think of to avoid moving forward with your project.

I did, too. I burned myself out for years doing program launch after program launch, always left exhausted, disappointed and bewildered as to why my email list wouldn’t buy my super good solutions. Eventually, I took a radically different approach: drawing ideal buyers in through designing aligned “pipelines.” (More on what that means in a second.)

Maybe a little Before and After will help.

* When I needed money (which was often), I would try to figure out how to push myself or my stuff on my email list. This never seemed to work very well, but I couldn’t see how else to get them to buy from me.

* To push myself on people, I had to do things that felt queasy inside, like say “I have set aside 5 spots this week for free sessions. Hurry and grab yours.” Meanwhile, not only did I have more than 5 spots, but I also knew inside it wasn’t a free session … it was a sales conversation. Lying = yuck!

* Marketing was all about me getting something / because I needed money / figuring out why things never seemed to work quite right the time before.

* I was constantly going through a cycle of burnout from doing exhausting, low-reward launches. This was really bad for my well-being and my morale.

* In order to have even a mediocre launch, I had to manage dozens of affiliates, a time-consuming, profit-killing situation.

* Instead of pushing my stuff out on people, I saw how to draw them in. Cool!

* I built trust and maintained a high open rate, even when marketing something.

* Applications to work with me began landing in my inbox.

* I smiled as I watched the pipeline do all the work for me behind the scenes, in a way that prospective buyers actually enjoyed and valued!

* I earned passive income for the first time, and I still wake up many mornings with sales that happened overnight.

* I discovered that “launches” are a really misaligned choice for someone like me.

* I saw how SIMPLE marketing can be.

* I said no to anything that felt queasy inside.

* I served my email list in a way that felt AWESOME inside, regardless of whether they bought from me.

The biggest different in using archetype-aligned pipelines is that you never have to convince someone to buy from you. You never have to “sell” to them. The pipeline should be doing all the work for you. You just come in as needed, like if you need to chat with a potential client.

The pipeline ALIGNS you with your ideal buyer, by using your archetype.


Curious about what a pipeline might mean to your business and want to learn more? Just click here to see how I’m supporting people just like you in the next couple of months.

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