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Why does making it to six figures take most people so darn long? (And is that statistic people throw around about only two percent of small businesses ever doing it true? I have a feeling even if it’s not true, it’s pretty close.)

I came SO close to breaking into six figures one year I nearly cried. I had missed it by only a few hundred dollars. GRRR! I just couldn’t seem to break through, and a lot of that was because I saw it as such an important milestone. (It’s fun, but it really isn’t that important. Profits are much more important.)

Yet, there is still a desire by many heart-centered entrepreneurs and coaches to feel mentally that they’ve “made it” by reaching this milestone. And why not? It’s great to have something to aim for and to be able to celebrate whatever your idea of success is!

My colleague Kimberly Coots reached out to me this summer saying it was her vision to gather together the best experts she knows who have figured out how to do this and can empower you to do the same. When she asked me I gave her an enthusiastic, “Yes!”.

I see some friends on this panel, like Jennifer Longmore. And some people I want to learn from, like Erika Ferenczi, who I just recently discovered. And a whole bunch more wise women ready to help.

Registration for this series is absolutely free. I highly recommend it. My interview has already been recorded and I love how Kimberly asks all the right questions. At the same time, you’ll feel like you’re getting to be a fly on the wall during a juicy conversation between two friends.

Here’s the link to register, or just click the banner: http://kimberlycoots.com/beth

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