Do you ever set money targets (intentions) in your business? If so, how well does that work for you?

It works really poorly for me. Why? It’s like putting fuel on the fire of my fear-based and control-based ego. Pretty soon I’m a big fat ball of fear and doubt and worry.

Focusing on money actually stops money from circulating in my life.

It took me so long to realize that focusing on money is just so limiting.

Instead, I should be focusing on the impact my work can make. When I do that, money is just a by-product, and it can come in such higher quantities than I could have set for myself as “targets.”

A great way to tell what to focus on to generate money in your business is to look at the times when creating money was easiest.

That time for me was when my webinar went viral, and that was followed by a bunch of easy money flowing into my business. This went on for several months … and it was totally effortless.

What was my intention at the time? What was I focusing on, or targeting?

To make a lot of money? No. My intention was, “What would it take to bring my Archetype Alignment Grid into the world to massively more people and have it happen in a way that leaves me in awe?”

I got into the vibration of awe and wonder and delight and possibilities. I have never, ever gotten into that energy when i think about money targets. When I think about money as a target, it feels heavy and a big clog happens.

But when I think about the potential of my work, it kind of stuns me. My Archetype Alignment Grid™ has the potential to change the world and leave a legacy that will last millennia. Why would I want to place a limitation on that by setting a money target?

This year I set a target to double my income. Big whoop! Do you know how limiting that is? That will create a nicer lifestyle for me, but not much of an impact on the world. It’s kind of like eating the crumbs instead of the feast that’s available for the asking.

So I can think about certifying people in my Archetype Alignment Grid™ because it brings me a certain amount of money. That’s one way of looking at it.

Or, I can think about it in terms of how getting certified in the Grid makes people’s businesses a magnet for entrepreneurs. That feels really good and is totally fun to watch — to have you give a talk that I helped you create, for example, and have a line of people wanting to work with you. It’s fun to watch your business become a magnet because you’ve been trained in using the Grid.

But even that is so limiting, really. Every time I sign up a new Certified Ambassador, my work is not only impacting them and their entrepreneur clients, but also all of the people those entrepreneurs will serve. That entrepreneur will finally be able to be themselves, to find the freedom they crave, and get their work out into the world in ways they hadn’t imagined. My work, then, allows people to leave jobs they detest, to leave abusive relationships; it even has the capacity to eventually empower oppressed people to take control of their lives — in places like Africa and the Middle East.

And I’ll bet if I don’t put limitations on it, that impact would end up making me a lot of money.

All of that is so much more awe-inspiring than trying to generate $X amount of money or double my income this year. When I think in terms of impact, the money just comes, and it comes in a way that is limitless.

What’s the best thing for you to focus on? For some people, it’s money. For others, it’s impact. Maybe there is even something else for you to focus on that isn’t either of those things. Maybe full self-expression or something else entirely.

What would be possible for your business if you focused on whatever brings you to a place of awe and wonder at the impact your work can have in the world, and the legacy it could leave?

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Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like — what do you focus on that allows things to be EASY?

Beth A. Grant is a writer, speaker, marketing strategist and thought leader who helps you be yourself in business, in love, in life. She blogs at

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