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Today I responded to a post on Facebook that really pissed me off.

It said that talents + helping others = your purpose. This seems really wise upon first glance.

Everyone responding to this post was like, “Yes! I agree!”

Except me. I bought into that idea for many years and it disempowered me so badly.

Not everyone needs to live an altruistic life, yet everyone serves humanity (or the earth or life) in some way. “Helping others” is such limited thinking.

Life purpose is the quest of the ego, not the soul. It is the ego trying to show the world how important it is. The ego needs purpose; the soul wants to fully self-express.

Hire someone to help you find your life purpose and I can almost guarantee you what will happen once they “reveal” it to you (and I’ve noticed that almost everyone gets the same answer: “You were born to heal others / heal the planet. You’re a healer!”).

Upon learning the big reveal, your ego will do one of two things: 1) It will go, “Finally! Now, I can leave the security behind I’ve created and create the drama I love. I’ll send you on a wild goose chase that will keep you stuck for years!” or 2) It will go, “Really? THAT’S my life purpose? That can’t be right. I’d better keep seeking.”

And then it will go ’round and ’round in circles trying to find your purpose. And when it’s done seeking, it will seek some more.

Because the ego doesn’t actually want the thing it claims will make you happy. The ego is in love with the wanting itself.

Where are you refusing to be you? What could you choose today that would allow you to expand who you are?

Start being that, and you’ll overflow with the feeling of purpose. You’ll be filled up from within instead of seeking an answer you think will fill you up.

Want to know what your purpose really is?

It’s to be YOU. That’s it. Be YOU and you’ve served your purpose in life.

In our in-depth Facebook discussion, the greatest wisdom emerged: What if your purpose is to be YOU completely and to give others the gift of that YOU 100%, free of distraction, free of pretense … in other words, to be totally, completely PRESENT as YOU?

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Beth A. Grant is a writer, speaker, marketing strategist and thought leader who helps you be yourself in business, in love, in life. She blogs at

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