Photo by Hugo Kerr via @unsplash

Photo by Hugo Kerr via @unsplash

The truth will set you free. We’ve all heard that a million times. But until you actually experience it, these are just words.

The truth really does set you free, though.

You’ll find it in the facts, not the editorial. It’s in the numbers, the circumstances, the situation, not in the why of it or what you think about the situation. It is definitely not the stuff of opinions.

Being in untruth hurts. It harms you. It is the epitome of misalignment.

Truth will unshackle you from the lies you are telling yourself. Lies about what might happen, what already happened, or what is possible for you.

I have experienced the miracles of truth, and what I’ve learned about truth is that you won’t really know it until you feel it.

Even then, just feeling it isn’t enough. You have to acknowledge it and honor it; make choices through it. Choose to stay, choose to go. Choose to go this way or that way.

Truth will call out to you constantly. If you’re like most people, you’ll ignore these feelings until they– or your conditions–become intolerable … you’ll ignore the truth until you have no choice but to face it. Believe me, this was my life M.O. and in some areas of my life, I still find it a challenge to find the truth right away and honor it. Maybe that’s why I teach so much about it–I’ve experienced untruth, and it really hurts, whether it’s in business, in love, in life.

If you focus on feeling for the truth every day, you’ll never find yourself in a relationship that’s bad for you, a job you can’t stand or even stuck in traffic–except if that route the fastest and safest way for your to get to your destination. Sometimes truth takes us one way because the other way is full of danger.

Where in your life is Truth popping up, giving you a little hint that something is off? Where is it jumping up and down in front of your face, trying to get your attention? Where have you ignored it for so long, it’s screaming at you to notice?

What are some practices you could adopt that would help you get there faster?

It can be as simple as remembering to ask, “How does this feel?”

Light = right path. Heavy = wrong path.

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Beth A. Grant is a writer, speaker, marketing strategist and thought leader who helps you be yourself in business, in love, in life. She blogs at

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