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I have two friends who both happen to be runners. They run 12 months a year, even during the winter when it’s really cold here in Chicago.

Recently we were all three at a gathering and I heard them talking about how much money Katie had made running. She said her total for 2014 was almost $500. I was confused; she wasn’t a professional runner, and most amateur races don’t have monetary prizes.

“I find it on the street,” she said.

“Wow!” I said. “That’s a lot of cash.”

Our other friend chimed in. “Yeah, I ran more miles than she did but I only found $12.”

Why? Because Katie was looking for the money. It’s a game for her.

My other friend focused on other things while he ran – the running experience or mulling over problems in his life, which helped him let them go. There were benefits to that, just not finding cash.

He only found money a couple of times the entire year, both times right after he had seen Katie and she mentioned her total to him. On his next outing, he would miraculously find a fiver on the street. Then, he would drift back to his old habits.

When you make a point of noticing something, you see it. Whether that’s good traits in your partner or money on the sidewalk.

I used to do an affirmation every morning several times, “Money comes to me from unexpected places, and money comes to me everywhere.” Soon I had some fun experiences. Like walking out of a restaurant and finding a $100 bill on the sidewalk at my feet. And finding a $20 bill waiting for me as I stepped into my car. And speaking of that affirmation, maybe I should try that again for the pure fun it brings into my life. You’re welcome to use it, too!

I wonder how much money and opportunities you would find this year if you focused on noticing them, and made it a game like Katie did?

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