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My Certified Ambassador trainees are having so many insights about all 12 archetypes as they go through their training. They’re learning how to spot each archetype, how to help their clients monetize and what challenges each archetype faces day to day. (If you haven’t discovered your marketing archetype yet on the Grid above, you can request your free kit here.)

I wanted to share some of their training with you. Here are a few key insights and tips for your archetype:

Charismatic Guru Star
Biggest Mistakes: Thinking everyone is just like you (they’re not). Out of control ego that actually harms people.
Tip: With your charisma,  you could sell anything to anyone. So ditch the over-the-top empty promises. You don’t need them in order to sell. When you hire someone, make sure it’s a person who can help you stay grounded and not cater to your ego.

Conversation Guru Star
Biggest Mistakes: Missing leveraged income opportunities by focusing on working with clients 1:1. Using hypey marketing, which is perceived as a breach of trust.
Tip: What people want from you is turnkey solutions. If you don’t have a systemized solution you can market, partner with a Supporter who has a compelling how-to method for solving something and needs your help to sell it.

Compelling Creative Guru Star
Biggest Mistakes: Failing to implement your ideas and get them out into the world.
Tip: Hire people to implement your ideas and market them so you can keep creating. Choose a business model that doesn’t squelch your creativity but instead gives you lots of room to create.

Charismatic Truth Guide
Biggest Mistakes: Thinking small! Choosing an intimacy business model (1:1 clients).
Tip: Think way, way bigger. Focus on expanding your impact. Get on stage, on video or in the media. Huge possibilities await you to not only impact masses of people, but make big income.

Conversation Truth Guide
Biggest Mistakes: Thinking people will buy your programs off a teleseminar or web page. Burning out from failing to create leveraged or passive income.
Tip: The money is on the phone. If you want to sell passive income products without talking to your customer, you’ll need to understand how to craft your offer and price it correctly.

Compelling Creative Truth Guide
Biggest Mistakes: Failing to implement your ideas in a way that monetizes their full potential. Choosing a business model that squelches your creativity. Poor business skills. Thinking you have to do speaking or networking if you don’t want to.
Tip: Hire people who can help you market your ideas so you can keep creating, and people who can help you run your business. Let your ideas or talent lead the way in your marketing; you come second.

Charismatic Connector
Biggest Mistakes: Thinking you need to be a Guru Star or Truth Guide to make big income. Ruining your reputation as a center of influence by recommending the wrong solutions to your audience just so you can make some cash.
Tip: Huge income possibilities exist for you if you embrace your natural joy of connecting people. Get in the media or on a stage. Don’t hide your charisma away; meet as many people as you can without being attached to getting something.

Conversation Connector
Biggest Mistakes: Not seeing that you can make your income being yourself; thinking you have to be a Truth Guide or Guru Star to make big income. Using written or flat marketing and not involving your voice and trustworthy personality.
Tip: Put a lot of thought into who you are connecting your audience with so you make sure you never breach trust. Use your voice to connect your audience with others’ solutions. Engage in constant relationship building.

Compelling Creative Connector
Biggest Mistakes: Not being patient enough to allow your business to gradually grow into something big. Not seeing how to monetize being a Connector. When marketing, not letting the content lead the way. Failing to consistently build your audience.
Tip: You are viewed as a center of influence having access to the latest and best information or talent. Never get complacent or recommend something that isn’t high quality just to make some cash.

Charismatic Supporter
Biggest Mistakes: Taking on clients who want to lead the project or micro-manage you.
Tip: Your best clients will be those who want to turn their need or problem over to you and let you handle it. Create an intake process that lets you discover what kind of client they will be.

Conversation Supporter
Biggest Mistakes: Cash flow problems because you only market yourself when you run out of clients; not seeing leveraged income opportunities and getting stuck in a dollars-for-hours model forever.
Tip: Focus on relationship-building. Consider turning your knowledge into a DIY (do it yourself) product so you can create passive or leveraged income.

Compelling Creative Supporter
Biggest Mistakes: Underpricing or undervaluing your immense talent. Failing to provide a portfolio or samples of your work to potential clients. Thinking you have to “network.” Failure to implement your ideas. Poor business skills.
Tip: Let your talent or skill lead the way. Showcase it. Make it easy for people to see how to reach you, and provide them with a sample of what you can do for them. Hire someone to support you and run the business side of things so you can keep creating. Raise your prices to something that scares the heck out of you; people will pay it.

This is not an all-inclusive list of mistakes and challenges; I’ve just hit on a few key points. If you want help identifying and solving your unique challenges and creating a marketing strategy that allows you to be yourself, click here to learn more.

Do you serve entrepreneurs and want to explore becoming certified in the archetypes so you can use them with your clients? Just click here for more information on becoming a Certified Ambassador.

Beth A. Grant is a writer, speaker, marketing strategist and thought leader who helps you be yourself in business, in love, in life. She blogs at

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