Guest post by Sandra Gardner


Resolutions, schmesolutions. There's so much talk these days about why resolutions aren't a good idea, with people offering you suggestions of what to do instead.

Here's (what I hope is) a unique thought: what if you asked the new year what it wants to tell you?

What if you held it in your arms, like a newborn babe, and asked it what wishes and dreams it holds for you?

What if you embraced it as a wise elder and listened deep to the words it yearns to share with you?

What does this brand new baby of a year have in store for you? Who will you become as you live it?

Want some help help seeing what your year wants to say to you and how your dream fits in? This month I invite you to check out the special rate I'm offering on my Light a Fire Under Your Dream session package. (It's normally $500, but for the month of January it's just $199).

Let's get you going in the right direction so you can look back next January with amazement at the year you had. 

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