There are many people whose work I love and that has been life-changing for me. Some of them were around millenia ago and their wisdom transcended time. Others wrote prolific books in the last decade or gave TED talks that moved me.

And now there’s Danielle LaPorte and her Core Desired Feelings work – the concept that it’s not really the money, job or person you are chasing after that you actually want. It’s the feeling you think those things will bring you. And out of that concept she created something called The Desire Map — a book and now a workshop that guides people through making the best possible choices to get them where they want to go.

Currently people are all a-flutter about the opportunity to get licensed – including me – but I’ve noticed inside I have something interesting going on. I want to buy the license (I really believe it will change lives to hold workshops and use this work with people), but I also desperately want to rebel. I want to run. I want to buck the system. I am so wary of becoming a sheep in anyone’s flock that I am in my very own Rebel Without a Cause flick. I don’t want to become a worshippy follower of another human being. It’s just not my style.

And you know what? I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I will be purchasing a license, but I am not a sheep, I’m a person. And lucky for me, Danielle does not appear to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Her charisma is so strong – I can feel it and I can also feel when I’m in the Facebook Group that some people view her as a divine being of sorts. I’m not saying she wants this or is in any way encouraging it. It’s just something I can feel happening.

Danielle seems grounded, sincere and not very ego-driven. She seems a lot like me … an introverted person and primarily a Compelling Creative Truth Guide. Her team is stellar (I’ve dealt with them on a couple of issues and questions that came up). They seriously have their act together.

The thing is, this woman has reached icon status. With 300,000+ souls on her email list, she holds a tremendous amount of potential power. That power can be used for good, given back (where she empowers others) or misused. So far I’m seeing a lot of empowerment going on. But that still doesn’t mean I want to be a groupie.

So, here are the reasons I’m buying a Desire Map license. I think if you buy one, it’s a really good thing if you are clear on your reasons, too.

Reason #1: I used her work in my life and it caused major transformation. I did NOT make a lot of big decisions all at once. Instead, I used my Core Desired Feelings as a foundation for choice. Throughout the year, when the time was right, I changed business models, let go of a relationship and even ended my relationship with sugar. That’s a lot of big change, people, and it’s all change for the good. (Click here to read more about my experience.)

Reason #2: I’ve been a reader of Danielle’s blog for more than three years. I’ve watched how she does business and I like what she’s about. I’ve never once seen her do something slimy or dishonest. That makes me feel secure that I’m representing someone who isn’t going to eventually reflect badly on me.

Reason #3: I’ve sat with my decision. I haven’t made a knee-jerk reaction based on my initial elation that I could become licensed when it was first announced.

Reason #4: I want to be in integrity. It’s a given that the words Core Desired Feelings are going to come out of my mouth with clients, and when they do, I want to have taken the steps the creator of the concept asked me to.

Reason #5: Even though I’ve had fears come up since, my initial feeling when I thought about sharing Danielle’s work with the world was totally expansive, and honored my own Core Desired Feelings.

Reason #6: I know I can serve licensees as a marketing strategist (this is probably how I can make the greatest impact, in fact), and so I want to be able to meet them and to know exactly what the work they’re doing is about.

Speaking of helping licensees, here’s the deal. The Desire Map licensing just went public, and as an affiliate I gave some thought as to how I can serve the people in my world who are becoming licensed. And I decided that one of the best things I could do is help you develop a strategy around filling your workshops.

So if you decide that becoming licensed is right for you …

… I will give you a very powerful bonus.

You and I will meet on Skype or the phone, and we’ll hammer out a customized signature talk, or another strategy that will help you find folks to come to your workshop. We’ll spend 60-90 minutes really digging in, I’ll take a look at your archetype from the Archetype Alignment Grid and I’ll make the recommendations for you that make the most sense and will create the best results. You’ll leave confident you’ll make your investment back and then some. (I normally charge $500+ for a marketing strategy meeting like this.)

Sound good? If you have any questions, just leave me a message (see the lower right of your computer screen). To qualify for this bonus, you must use my affiliate link and you must sign up during the dates above. Just click the image or use this link:

Need help deciding whether a Desire Map license is right for you? Send me a message and I’ll help you figure out the right choice. (Lower right of your screen.) We can even jump on the phone really quick. We’ll start with your Core Desired Feelings …

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