1: Being yourself completely creates an alignment with money, clients and opportunities.

2: When you choose marketing that makes you shrink inside, you are abusing yourself.

3: Your intuition will get you farther faster than any plan you could figure out.

4: Your business only brings you what you decide it will. Security, fun, luxury, purpose … it all starts with what you decide you get to have.

5: When you choose a business model that doesn’t take care of your needs and desires, you are neglecting yourself.

6: Cash flow is queen.

7: There are an infinite number of ways to market yourself, some of which haven’t even been thought up yet, not the five or six ways you see taught over and over.

8: Standing out is more important than fitting in.

9: Copying others is a way of refusing to empower yourself. You’re braver than that. Be willing to be original, daring and YOU.

10: Things can be SO easy if you just let them.

What changes will you make that will allow you to have your best year yet?

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