Long before I created the Archetype Alignment Grid, I was paid a lot of money to do a job that I found to be ridiculously easy and that used almost none of my talents.

I became a Vice President at the age of 28 and had a lifestyle to match.

Later, when I started my spiritual mentoring business, all hell broke loose. (Money-wise that is.)

My clients got great results, but my own financial world collapsed.

Eventually, it got really, really bad. Like, for four months, the gas was shut off in my home. What on earth was happening?

Once I figured out how to market myself, I began to make some real money.

I then discovered I was a really shitty money manager.

In the corporate world, there was always another paycheck to rescue me from my nonexistent financial planning (or a bonus check or a tax refund, or, sometimes a credit card).

I told myself I was terrible with money, and that was just the way I was.

Being an entrepreneur amplified the pattern that was already there. Can you relate?

I learned very quickly why they say, “Cash flow is king.”

When I started my business, I did almost no financial tracking. I didn’t know how much money I had made in my business until I went to do my taxes the following March. Heck, as long as I’m letting it all hang out there … this was actually still going on my third year!

I should have fired my crappy CFO, but I didn’t have enough money to hire a real one.

The deeper truth is, I was too embarrassed to have anyone discover my secret: I was terrible with money.

And that brings me to the subject of what it really takes to create the sustainable income, financial security and high net worth you want your business to bring you.

It’s two things:

  • You have to do inner work, creating an entirely new financial framework within yourself that lets go of salaries, paychecks and ceilings about what is possible for you.
  • You have to do outer work, and learn a thing or two about financial management.

I spent five years doing intense inner work, clearing out the beliefs that were causing me to stay in a dysfunctional financial pattern. During this time I discovered that money can be quite complicated. Oh, yeah. A big sticky mess. And I perpertuated my belief that I was just plain bad with money. After all, I was a creative!

Once I got all that money-limiting junk cleaned out of my mind, my income leapt very quickly, but it became obvious that there was something inside that was still placing a ceiling on how much income I could attract.

I realized that until I felt I could manage the money I did have, I would not be able to create more income.

I had to stop telling myself the story of how bad I was with money, and learn how to be my own CFO. I had to take my head out of the sand and be mindful about my money.

I had to stop telling myself that I could ignore the "outer," practical aspect to money and that would be enough.

And like an angel sent from heaven, Debbie Rosenfelt of CFO Made Easy flew into my life and sat by my side for a time.

Debbie helped me clean everything up, set up my QuickBooks, taught me how to better predict my cash flow needs and showed me how to interpret the key indicators in my business.

She patiently supported me when I burst into tears – feeling so vulnerable – and didn't rush me. She coached me through my feelings of shame and embarrassment with love and grace. She helped me build up my confidence and reminded me that I am as capable as the next person of being good at this.

When she ran my first P&L statement, I was giddy. (That’s Profit and Loss for all you fellow not-so-great money managers.)

The Trailing 12 Months report … let’s just say it blew me away!

I cannot adequately express how freaking EMPOWERED I feel.

Maybe you're great at managing money, but have a hard time creating enough of it. Maybe you think you have to work yourself to the bone to get as much as you want. The thing is, it's all just a story, and getting conscious and mindful about money will empower you beyond belief.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I had my best month ever while working the fewest hours I’ve ever worked the month after this happened. I was sending out the signal through my energy now that I can handle as much money as the universe wants to bring me.

Would you like to release your money limits and create a new story?

On October 31, Debbie and I will be co-interviewed as a part of an event called The Mindful Money World Summit. I hope you’ll be there. And by the way, you’ll also be able to learn a lot about the inner stuff, too, from some savvy speakers including Jennifer Longmore, whose work I adore.

So if you want to open up to higher financial possibilities (and hear all the juicy details about my own transformation), I recommend signing up for this summit. The woman running it has an MBA. You'll learn a lot from her as well as the other guest speakers. Go do it right now and sign up. (It's free.) : https://nf196.isrefer.com/go/mindful7/mindful7/

What is your "money story"? Feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

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