If you don't choose your year, it will choose you.

Every year, I set a theme. I've found that attaching a question to the theme makes it more likely to actually come true in my life.

My 2013 theme was a colossal flop, but the year ended as the most exciting year I've ever had (I'll share why in a moment).

A good theme has certain components. In 2012, my theme was Health. The question I asked to help me make decisions as I went through my year was, "Will this bring me closer to better health?"

"Health" wasn't about being perfect. I ate plenty of desserts (which made me smile as I ate them, a very healthy thing to do). I drank wine, in moderation (which made me smile, too). I exercised six to seven days a week for most of the year, revamping my day so I could make exercise a top priority. I ate more nutritious food without eliminating any of the foods I love.

At the end of 2012, I'd lost 24 pounds, my heart was healthier than it had been since college, my joints had stopped creaking and I looked my best. Most important, I felt really good about myself, and my confidence was much higher than a year before. That is the power of the right theme + the right question.

In 2013, I chose Fun as my theme. The reason was that my business had brought me income and was purposeful, but it had never been much fun. I never found myself laughing or smiling; it had a heavy feeling and brought out my serious side. I longed for more laughter and levity day to day.

The problem was, I didn't have any follow through with that theme, because I didn't create a question I could ask myself so I could make the right choices. Consequently, 2013, until late October (when everything changed), wasn't much fun at all, and the "un-funness" of my business became intolerable. In June I began working with a coach who helped me make new choices, and I used Access Consciousness to make my business intention-driven and full of awe-inspiring possibilities.

I asked that something big and new and exciting came into my business in a way that would leave me in awe.

I worked on giving myself permission to be myself. Then I wondered, "What else is possible?"

When you change inside, your outer reality can't remain the same.

As I intended more delight and wonder and fun in my business throughout October, and I committed to being myself, my 2013 ended with a bang when my Archetype Alignment webinar went viral the last week of that month. And it was so freaking awe-inspiring how it all happened … just like I had intended.

When I went to choose my theme for 2014, I struggled. I bought Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map and asked myself what my "core desired feeling" was. Then, I remembered the best feeling I've ever had. It was when I had been totally myself after became a writer, in 2006. The feeling of liberation, spiritual connection, soul expression, possibilities and self-actualization all wrapped into one was what I experienced every day that year. It is so hard to assign a word to the feeling I experienced. I was in Having*, and fully self-expressed.

That's why I chose "Be me" as my theme this year. My question when making decisions will be, "Does this (person/opportunity/choice) allow me to be myself completely?"

I chose this question, because in the past, I've forgotten for long stretches four important words: I get to choose. I also realized that if I do this one thing, everything else will fall into place, because being myself is the launching pad of ease, flow and awe-inspiring opportunities. It removes all dissonance and resistance in your energy.

You get to choose, too. It's not about doing what you think will work, or creating a business around what you think people will want. It's not about staying on a path that isn't working because of the time and money you've invested.

It's definitely not about trying to be someone you're not. It's about being yourself completely, and the more you do that, the more easy things become.

Most important, the more happy you will feel as your soul smiles.

What if the greatest goal you could set for your business this year would simply be to be yourself completely?

If you want to be yourself in your business, the NEW Archetype Alignment(TM) Grid is where it's at.

Find your archetype or watch my free webinars here: https://www.truthandconsciousness.com/op/get-my-kit


*If you don't know what this means, I encourage you to get your free copy of my ebook, The Four States of Being.


What is your theme for 2014?

What question will you ask to keep your theme a priority as you make decisions?


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