Once upon a time, there were two entrepreneurs. "I want to make a difference in the world, and I want to have the freedom I can't get by working for someone else," they both said.

Entrepreneur A floundered and flopped around. She didn't have a strategy in her business or understand her marketing foundation. In fact, she didn't even know what a marketing foundation was. She lacked a clear, flexible plan that would serve her in the long run, just tried in vain month after month to make more money. She longed for the freedom she knew was possible as an entrepreneur — freedom with her time, but also the financial freedom to what she wanted with her life. But she was a bit bewildered, because after all that lot work, she noticed one day that she really didn't have more money, and she didn't have more freedom either, which is what she really wanted.

Without a strategy all she ever did was chase the money. Month after month, year after year. She discovered it's really draining to chase the money. Even after Entrepreneur A figured out how to make more money, it did not create a sustainable business for her, because she then had to turn around and chase the money again. She became very frustrated. Her business lacked a solid marketing foundation that's aligned with who she is, a firm structure and a long term strategy for getting her the freedom she craved.

Entrepreneur B floundered and flopped around for awhile, but then she discovered who she was on the Archetype AlignmentTM Grid, and she took advantage of all the ways she could learn more about her archetype and what that meant in her business.

She came into the $97 Quick Start Program and was thrilled to finally understand her marketing foundation — why people buy from her and all the other archetypes, too, and what she is really offering in a big picture way. She learned about her archetype inside and out, and applied it in her business, and finally, it all started to come together. She found a way to create a sustainable business, and a plan that was aligned with her Natural Style and Personal Persuasion Power. People responded to her offers and she felt good inside.

She made sure she came into the Quick Start Program in time to get access to the workshop on Dec. 31 where she got to see exactly how a marketing strategist who knows what she's doing works with her VIP clients, so she could go apply those same strategies for herself. And she said, "This is a real value … $97, not $9,700 like a VIP client might pay! I'm jumping at this chance before it's gone!" With what she learned, her confidence soared as she saw all the cracks she had in her foundation and filled them in.

Entrepreneur B saw Entrepreneur A struggling like she used to and waved at her. She said, "You should really stop floundering and flopping around and get your butt in this program. And make sure you do it in time for the amazing workshop that's being offered as a bonus Dec. 31. You'll walk away from that workshop confident, with lots of tools for finding that freedom you long for … I did! And if you're busy that day, there's a replay you can catch soon after as long as you sign up soon!"

Entrepreneur A realized it's much easier to learn VIP level strategies for $97 than it is to chase the money, flounder and flop around for another year. And both of these entrepreneurs lived happily ever after.

You can still receive an invitation to the private workshop Dec 31 when you invest just $97 in the Quick Start Program. Create your own happy ending by clicking here to take the first step through the Quick Start Program. Just grab your free Archetype Alignment Kit and you'll be sent instructions on how to sign up for the program and get a free pass to the workshop.

The End. 😉


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