I have watched numerous brilliant leaders over the years abandon the solopreneur/coaching niche. For every one of these extremely talented, highly-ethical people who have told you the truth and tried in vain to lead you, you will have ten charlatans waiting to take your money, which so many folks seem to have no problem handing over.

This is going to offend some people, but I'll take that chance to reach the ones who are open to hearing it. Unless you are independently wealthy, you are going to have to do all the work yourself to build a business, and such a small percent are willing to. Unless you are living in some super-high consciousness where you can just snap your fingers and get on the bestsellers list (such people do come along now and then), you have to put in your time, learn to wear 30 hats at once, do work you don't enjoy and completely suck at, and probably take a financial risk that scares the living shit out of you. FOR AWHILE.

You're going to be tired. Your friends are going to wonder if you're crazy. People are going to try to dissuade you from your nut-job idea. They will mock you and whisper behind your back. (They're jealous. Or just uncreative.) Your spouse is going to get frustrated (if not, consider yourself the luckiest husband or wife on the face of the earth).

You're going to feel like a bad parent, and you probably are, TEMPORARILY.

You're going to wish you had the energy to walk to the salon and get a pedicure with the money you used to have, but you will persevere because it means that much to you.

I remember reading ezines from people trying to lead solopreneurs and coaches in business — people in different niches now — and I could feel their frustration. I get it now.

No one is going to build your business for you, and no one should have to hold your hand for you to be willing to create something beautiful in the world, even if it's not easy, YET.

If you find someone to do that, great! But if not, are you really going to just float along because you can't afford to pay someone to teach you how to succeed? You are more resourceful than that.

Get up, step away from your computer, walk out the door, and meet people. Introduce yourself to the first person you meet who seems like *maybe* they might need what you know you can provide. Let your intuition guide you. IT WILL NEVER STEER YOU WRONG.

Hold a talk in your living room telling five people something compelling you want to shout from the rooftops.

Tell everyone you meet you want to change the world. You will.

And if you're an introvert, write a book or create your brilliant masterpiece, and find a way to tell people about THAT.

There are many ways to change the world. Go do it!


PS Most of the big-hearted entrepreneurs I meet make things way too complicated. For 92% of you reading this (because of your archetypes on my Alignment Grid), there is only one skill you really need to create substantial, lasting income in your business. It's learning how to talk to potential clients and offer them something they need that you happen to be able to provide. You don't have to be "branded" or have a "message" to start making money. You definitely don't need a web site. You don't need credibility or to have a professional head shot taken. You just need to ask people questions and notice whether or not you can help them. Watch this video. It explains what I'm talking about and the elements you'll need to understand about this process to get lots of "yes" responses from people who need what you have.


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