Friday night on ABC television, a special interview aired with Taylor Swift in advance of both her award nominations and the release of new album Red.

If you don’t know who Taylor Swift is, she is a 22-year-old recording artist who has won 6 Grammys and sold 20 million albums.

Katie Couric asked Taylor a question that positively stumped her. She stared at the floor, said, “That is a really hard question.” It was clear she had never even thought about it.

The question Katie asked might surprise you because it is so prevalent in the personal development business. It was, “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” Again, positively clueless. I was cheering when I saw her response.

See, Taylor Swift is in the NOW. She seems to have a Stratosphere Vision (that she has probably blown through multiple times by now) and she seems to have a 12-month plan. This is exactly what I teach my clients to do!

She fully self-expresses who she is. Then she brings that self-expression into the world in a way that it reaches the people who want it and so it brings her what she wants, too.

Taylor Swift honors herself. She takes the lemons in her life and makes them into lemonade.

She only does what’s FUN. She tweets because she loves twitter, for example. (So does her cat, Mildred.) She is actively involved in her strategy and her branding because she LIKES to be. She and her team brainstorm on all the fun ways they could promote her next album or things they could do on the tour. They see what makes them feel excited.

Then they decide on a STRATEGY.

After they have a strategy, they create a PLAN.

Then they FOLLOW THROUGH on that plan with IMPLEMENTATION.

Taylor told Katie she loves being alone in her condo, just her and Mildred and a movie on TV. Therefore, she is not going to create a business where she has to be around people all the time.

Her life is all about:

  • Full self-expression
  • Dwelling in the NOW
  • Creating a strategy
  • Making a plan out of that strategy that sounds FUN.
  • And implementation.

Would you like some help making your life more like Taylor’s? Not that you want to win a Grammy (although I wouldn’t turn one down myself — writing songs is MY favorite way of being myself fully).

I’ll tell you what … let’s start here: Send me your Stratosphere Vision (if you don't know what that is, keep reading).

It can be about your business or it can be about something else. Type that baby out in a short paragraph and email it to me at beth (at) cashalignment (dot) com. I’ll reply to as many as I can, but I’ll read them all!

I LOVE hearing about people’s Stratosphere Visions — this will be FUN for me. (See how things work? That "fun" part?)

If you don’t know what a Stratosphere Vision is, it’s this: It’s your REAL dream, if you were to release all limits and fully self-express who you ARE. You probably dreamed about it as a child, but not necessarily. It is the thing that is so big you don’t see how it could ever really happen. It should bring you a feeling of awe and wonder and delight. It should make your soul bubble up with excitement. And if you feel any fear, doubt or worry … you’re not going high enough. Go higher!

Can’t wait to hear from you.

Beth A. Grant is a one-woman creative powerhouse, spiritual mentor, copywriter and marketing strategist based in Chicago. The creator of numerous personal growth and marketing tools, she helps clients align with their truth to bring their purpose into the world in a big way, with ease and joy. Explore further at

I'd love to hear your comments below. Better yet, what is your Stratosphere Vision? Email it to me directly at beth (at) cashalignment (dot) com. Use the subject line "My Stratosphere Vision." I read every single one!


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