In a purpose-driven business, there tend to be three main ways that people generate revenue. It's essential to know what yours is so you know how to position what you do and you know what to offer your potential clients that will encourage them to respond to you.

While these same principles might apply to retail stores, musicians and others, right now I'm going to focus on people who are in the business of helping other people improve their lives, and also, who don't substantially do this through manufacturing a widget of some kind.

So, here is the big question for you today. Are you creative-based, how-to based or service-based?

Creative-based providers attract people because of their brilliant ideas or talents. You can think of them as thought leaders, visionaries or creatives. Examples of purpose-driven creative-based providers are Danielle LaPorte, Eckhart Tolle and Bruce Lipton.

How-to based providers teach people a skill or process they need to master (or at least gain some proficiency with) in order to move forward and achieve their desired outcome. A great example of a how-to provider is Jeff Walker, who teaches people how to plan and execute product launches. Other examples are people who teach you how to use social media, convert a prospect to a buyer, set up your email system, write an autoresponder series or manage your finances.

Service-based providers give their clients a transformational experience through the work they perform. They provide a service that brings something positive to the recipient, such as reiki healers, intuitives, reflexologists, yoga teachers, coaches and EFT practitioners.

Many successful purpose-driven entrepreneurs fall into more than one category. I certainly do!

Problems arise when you apply marketing methods or tools that are built for a different type of business than yours. For instance, how-to providers might do very well in selling info products, but if you are a service-based provider, people don't necessarily want this from you, even if there is a way to systemize what you do. Rather, they want YOU and won't respond to your offers for cookie cutter self-study solutions. In order to sell these types of programs to people, you will need to really look at what they want and how to provide it for them in a way they will receive it from you and that leverages your time.

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that a lot of your 7-figure earners are not going to fit into these categories, because many 7-figure earners are not really selling anything at all. They are selling you lightweight content, no tranformational service and not really teaching you how to do anything. Instead, they are selling you a lifestyle or the idea that you can have a certain lifestyle by doing very little. (Please note there are exceptions but this is generally what I see.)

Since you and I aren't aligned with that way of doing business, there is no need to focus on how those people find success.

If you are a creative-based provider, your main focus should be on creating! If you put this aside in favor of wearing other hats, your business is going to suffer big-time, and so is your well-being. It's essential that you carve out time for your brilliant mind to generate more of the content people crave from you and that you find ways to reach a mass audience.

It's essential to look at the transformation you provide and see where it falls in these categories. The way you market your solution will be totally different depending upon which cateogory(ies) your solution falls into. Even the way you provide your solution will be much different.

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