Truth is the doorway to all that you want: more money, more happiness, more love, more peace. (These four things are the only things we ever want, when you think about it.)

The truth calls out to you in stages. Let's pretend the end result you are seeking is a really delicious bowl of gazpacho. The stages might go like this:

Stage 1: The first stage is a little voice that says, "Don't put the stock pot on the stove. What are you doing, my love? This is gazpacho and it's served cold. I'm really thinking that's not a good move, dear."

Stage 2: The slow simmer. You either face the truth — your gazpacho is warming up (any good chef will tell you this is not a good direction to go in), or you ignore it, hoping it will taste just as good if you pretend that gazpacho + heat doesn't equal bad gazpacho. 

Stage 3: Rapid boil. You either face the truth or you put the lid on, because then you can't see it. (Unfortunately, putting a lid on a boiling pot of soup only makes it heat up faster. But you think everything's fine, or will be, if you just ignore the facts long enough).

Stage 4: Gazpacho is now foaming and the lid is jumping off the pot — the pressure is building, things are rapidly changing and you can't deny things look different. You either put the lid back on, hoping you can contain it (a futile move), or you face the truth and go into crisis aversion. If you don't, you'll end up in …

Stage 5: The pot boils over. A big fat mess ensues. What used to be gazpacho is all over the stove. It's on the floor. It's inedible. And you are upset. You might even get burned as you try to contain the situation.

Which stage is your Truth in? (Hint: It's so much easier to listen to the little voice.)


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