Gloria Steinem once said, "The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off."

I couldn't agree more, because as they say, the truth hurts. Yep, it smarts — at least for a moment … after which you are FREE.

Here's the deal:

In your business, your relationships or your dream, Truth is the doorway to surrender. Surrender is the doorway to quick results on your terms — where you can be yourself and you aren't sacrificing your integrity, values or personal style in the name of financial security.

Truth is the doorway to surrender

When you are out of alignment with your Truth, you are in struggle, pure and simple. It might be an internal struggle, where you experience dread, procrastination, you spend your time and energy tolerating something instead of freeing yourself or it might show up in some other way. It might be an external struggle, where you can't seem to generate the money you need, let alone want. You might experience a lot of rejection, or things might not fall into place for you and you're left feeing disillusioned, drained or discouraged.

If you're not in Surrender to what IS, you're in some form of Waiting, Striving or Wanting. While you can eventually generate income or opportunities in those states, it takes a LOT more work, effort or resources to make it happen.

In Surrender, you align with a consciousness that's loving, open, inviting and filled with higher solutions.

The quickest path to surrender is to get to the Truth.

Getting to the truth can be hard because the ego doesn't want the Truth. It wants to save face. It wants a guarantee that the path you've chosen is the going to produce the results you desire.

In fact, to the ego, being right is more important than being rich, being loved or being happy.

The ego will cling to this notion even when the truth is staring you in the face, waving its arms in front of you, shouting "Here I am! Here I am!" Meanwhile, instead of acknowledging the truth, you walk around it, close your eyes or push it aside, because to acknowledge it means you have to admit that things might not be as perfect as you tell yourself, or maybe that you're just plain scared (yet this is completely natural … to feel afraid).

So, how do you get to the truth?

Truth will be found in your behaviors, not your words.

It will call out to you in your patterns.

Truth will emerge in what IS, not what you wish would be or what was yesterday. It is in the now.

It will show itself in objective facts like numbers or events, not in subjective opinions.

Here are some ways the Truth might call out to you in your business:

  • You feel depleted or burned out.
  • You dread your client sessions.
  • No matter how much success you achieve, you never seem to have any more financial security.
  • Your cash flow is like a rollercoaster.
  • There's something you know you must do to generate more money, but week after week or month after month, you still don't do it, like setting up joint ventures, asking for referrals or seeking out speaking engagements.
  • You say one thing but do another, like stating, "I want to be a bestselling author" but you never write your book.
  • You never have enough money for the thing you say you value most.
  • Your marketing isn't converting clients but you keep doing it anyway. Hmmmm …

The thing about the truth is, getting there often requires a moment of pain — the pain related to the ego admitting it didn't have the right answer or it made a choice that didn't give you the results you wanted.

This "truth discovery moment" also contains an enormous amount of relief. In that moment, all stress is gone. It's a space of nothingness … where everything is possible. It's your effortless creation space.

Today, right now, ask yourself, "Where am I hiding from the Truth? What are my patterns that I'd like to see change? Where am I not getting what I say I want? What is begging to be acknowledged in my business?"

The first step in discovering your truth is simply to say, "I am willing to discover the truth and open to seeing things as they are."


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