Did you ever notice how when you need the money the most, nothing seems to work out?

Or how the harder you push yourself, the harder it seems to be to shake the money tree?

It's not a coincidence. See, your business is alive.

It's a living thing.

And the source of its life is your energy, or more specifically, your energetic foundation, or State of BeingTM.

There are Four States of BeingTM, actually, and in five years of being an entrepreneur and helping other people achieve ease of life, I have never once seen a person's external results not mirror to a "t" their internal state of being. They are:

1) Waiting

2) Striving

3) Wanting

4) Having

Waiting is the energy of inertia. It shows up as procrastination, indecision, hesitation, being "half in." The energy of Waiting is not all that painful right now. The pain of Waiting happens later, and it can be excruciating. It's the pain of regret, loss opportunities and a wasted life. Sorry to sound so dramatic, but it's true. In the present moment, though, Waiting is a blah feeling, a passive sabotage that never really motivates you enough to actually do something about it.

Striving is the energy of trying, but not having. It's the energy of pushing or forcing. It shows up as burning yourself out, workaholism, taking tons and tons of action. The only problem is, it's like you're working and working to squeeze this disappointing result out. And if you do get a big windfall, you'll usually stop your cash flow because you're so burned out you need to take some time to re-energize. A Striver's response when she's not getting the results she expected is to take more action, to "figure it out" and push herself harder.

Wanting is the energy of neediness. It shows up as a repelling of opportunities, help and money. People in a Wanting energy are in a form of survival — emotional, financial, relational or physical. It varies from a feeling of discontent to panic and desperation. What happens in relationships when one partner gets clingy? The other one runs away as fast as they can. Well, the same thing happens with money and success. If you move into a Wanting State, you might get lots of prospects, but none of them will buy. You might give your best offer ever, and wonder why nobody is responding. It is incredibly frustrating to be stuck in Wanting!

Having is where it's at! When you're in a Having state of being, you're content from within. Someone in a Having state isn't operating in reaction mode. They are at peace with what IS and their energy allows in solutions. They are dwelling in the Higher Self rather than the fear-based ego. This is where the fun happens. Where serendipity and inspired action run the show.

You might say that when you're operating from a Waiting, Striving or Wanting place your internal alignment is out of whack, and your external results will simply reflect that: If you're in a Waiting state, nothing happens. If you're in a Striving state, you're working WAY too hard for your results. And if you're in a Wanting state, you're probably repelling money, help and opportunities. You make an offer and your prospective buyers run the other way as fast as they can!

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to take action to generate income from a Striving or Wanting place within. If you're not in internal alignment, your work first is to shift your state of being. While this can be challenging, it IS possible. I've done it and I've helped hundreds of clients do it over the years.

This can be a hard rule to follow when your rent is due and you don't know where that money is going to come from. But if you take action from a Striving or Wanting place, believe me, you're not going to like the results. And then you'll have blown an opportunity — and you'll end up kicking yourself.

When you take action in your business, people can feel it. Because your business is alive. It has a hearbeat. It has a pulse. It has an energy that people can feel.

They aren't aware of why they react a certain way, but they have a visceral response to every email you send, every conversation you have, every offer you make, every blog post you write.

Learn more in my eBook, The Four States of Being.


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