I was afraid this was going to happen.

Folks feel moved by the Cash AlignmentTM videos, they hear me say how truly effortless my business is using my Cash Alignment marketing platform and they are reverse-engineering the plan I've created for myself.

And they think if they just do what I've done, they'll experience the same result.

I understand this completely. I tried it myself when I learned a popular marketing tool from a million-dollar guru last year. And so did everyone else in my class. We reverse-engineered her marketing, from copy-catting her sales page, to scripting our videos just like hers to creating our preview calls using her same format.

After all, if she made millions last year using that exact method and "system," it will work for us, right?

That's what we thought, until months later, when none of us had any sales. (I sold about 8% of what she did during my program launch, and mine was one of the most successful launches of the group. Ouch!)

Why? Because that was HER truth, not ours.

When I created the cash alignment videos, I didn't use a proven script formula like you see in the marketplace. In fact, I didn't use a script at all. I thought about what was most important for me to share with you, and I spoke from the heart.

I used my intuition, and found my truth.

My personal Cash Alignment marketing platform was created by getting to my truth, too. It's working beautifully … for me. I've drastically cut my work hours and the money is flowing like never before.

But that doesn't mean it will work for you.

I really want you to get out of the mindset that there is a magic formula to success. You can take every class, you can learn every tool, but if you're like most people, these tools will just leave you disillusioned until you learn how to apply them within your integrity and tweak them to fit your place on the Cash Alignment GridTM.

I'm not making this stuff up: In my recent survey, 97% of you said you are disillusioned or unhappy with the results you've realized from the marketing tools you've learned and applied.

Your effortless success will be a result of three things:

1) Being in a Having state internally when you take action,
2) Laying a foundation of truth, and
3) Creating a Cash Alignment
TM marketing platform that is borne out of that truth.

That plan has to be yours, not mine.

When you market in someone else's truth, you are not in Cash AlignmentTM and the money won't come.

A marketing plan and a strategy flows so easily when you know what you stand for and what's important to you. Follow your truth. It will set you free.


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