According to my recent survey, 37% of heart-centered entrepreneurs are in a Waiting state of being. This makes my heart ache for you because I know what it's like. I dwelled in this state for years with my own dream of being a singer/songwriter.

Of the three States of Being that hold us back — Waiting, Striving and Wanting, Waiting feels the least painful — but, ironically, is the most destructive.

It's the least painful right now because the ego has chosen a passive, and highly effective, form of sabotage (as opposed to Striving, where you're burning yourself out, or Wanting, where you're filled with anxiety or desperation so intense that you're compelled to act).

It's the most destructive in the long run, though, because you just sort of float along. Nothing happens. (This can go on for years … some people spend decades in this state.)

But don't let your fear-based ego fool you. The pain of inaction and regret is huge down the road. It's the panic-stricken regret of unfulfilled dreams, and the emptiness of nothingness.

And it hurts deeply.

Some typical scenarios Waiters find themselves in are:

  • You can't seem to make a decision, so you let opportunity after opportunity pass you by.
  • You go from program to program, but never do the one thing you really need to do … go out and get clients.
  • You distract yourself with another project, job opportunity or business venture, while what you truly want sits on a shelf in your heart, gathering dust.
  • When you do buy programs, you go forward in a passive "yes": you don't really participate fully, but you can appease the dreamer inside by claiming you took action.
  • You find yourself making excuses every time a fabulous opportunity comes up, like, "I don't have enough money / my daughter has ballet practice that day / maybe later in the summer / I don't have time right now." But when you're really honest with yourself, you know these are just excuses.

Meanwhile, every day you choose to stay in this state of stagnation, you have simply put off your own happiness and abundance so you don't have to face your fears.

The fact is, your dream ain't gonna launch itself, and neither is that business or that passive income source you've been wanting to get in place.

Only you can make the choice to get moving. I can't make you do it, even though I know how fabulous and empowered you will feel after taking that first step.

Waiting is one of the most painful states because it doesn't really hurt … at least not in the short term.

In the long run, though, Waiting is incredibly painful, because you can literally pass years in this state and get nowhere, as you watch others move on, wondering what would have happened if you would've gotten moving, too. And eventually, you are filled with regret … regret at what might have been.

If you're stuck in Waiting, what is one action you can take right now to move forward? Choose it, then do it!


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