Are you paralyzed by perfectionism?

You know, that drive inside that everything has to be "just so" for you to start working with clients, launch your program or get going on that book you've been longing to write.

The truth is, perfectionism has its place, but can be a serious blocker to abundance.

Perfectionism is rooted in a fear of inadequacy or a fear of being judged. It's an over-active Inner Critic — and it may show up as a voice in your head that berates you or it may emerge as a part of you that criticizes others, pointing out their flaws, imposing your advice when it wasn't asked for or coming across like a know-it-all.

All of these behaviors sound pretty unpleasant. And they are!

We all want to be our best and put our best out into the world. That's the positive, healthy role of an Inner Critic. It keeps you from being sloppy or lazy.

But when you have an over-active Inner Critic, it's time to put it in its place … the place of "sometimes things are 'good enough'."

If you have an over-active Inner Critic, you may see others as sloppy and wonder what on EARTH they are doing operating this way. (Meanwhile, while you continue to dot your i's and cross your t's, they are busy attracting their ideal clients.)

Perfectionism is a clever sabotage technique by the ego to convince you that it's not sabotaging you; instead, it convinces you that it's in your best interest to "always be your best" (or even that you're helping others when you impose your opinions on them).

One of the ways to avoid this trap is to keep things really simple. For instance, in my Cash Alignment business, I chose to go ahead and launch knowing it would be some time before I would have my full-blown web site done.

Instead, I pulled the most important elements of my content out and spent less than one day setting them up on the Internet in another URL ( I used Jigsawbox as the content platform to get my membership program going. (I had that ready in less than an hour.)

There were even a couple of of imperfections in my content —typos — and I didn't spend more than a few seconds worrying about it.

It took me five minutes to create a temporary logo. I made in in my mac word processing program using fonts I liked, chose the colors, scanned it to create a jpeg, looked at it and said, "Yep, that's good enough."

I launched and began to thrive in the course of just a few days!

Another way to avoid perfectionism paralysis is to break down all the things you feel you need to get done and ask, "What is crucial and what can wait?" and "At what point is this good enough to get out there and start making some money?"

It took me several hours to create the first Cash Alignment webinar. I re-did that one three times — that was something where it was important that it be perfect. It was worth my time to make it as perfect as possible. It was the first impression you had of me, and it was important that the information was complete and communicated well.

You might be surprised at how much stuff you're spending your time and energy on making "perfect" when all you really need to do is go out and start getting clients. If you only work on the items that pertain to this, it will really reduce the size of your to-do list.

Don't let the details get you down. Keep things simple, prioritize, let things be good enough, and you'll set yourself free to attract abundance more quickly.


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