You know the old breakup line, "It's not you, it's me"?

Well, nothing could be truer in your business, either.

If you seem to be doing all the right things, and either people won't buy from you or they've stopped buying, it's not them, the economy or a coincidence. It's you. Or more accurately, it's your State of Being.

I don't say this to blame you or make you feel bad, but to open your eyes to your creation power and save you a whole lot of time and effort.

In case you don't remember what the Four States of Being are, they are:

1) Waiting — the energy of hesitation, stagnation, procrastination, indecision. Outward response: Inertia. Things just aren't moving forward because you're not moving forward.

2) Striving — the energy of pushing or forcing. Outward response: You are working way too hard for very little return. Burnout. Exhaustion. Struggle.

3) Wanting — the energy of neediness, desperation, or a feeling of discontentment. Outward response: Repelling. To your prospects, you feel like the clingy boyfriend or girlfriend and they can't run away from you fast enough. (Of course, this always happens when you need the money most.)

4) Having — the energy of knowing, confidence, trust, and contentment with what IS. Outward response: Effortless attraction. The perfect solution "pops up" in your reality. Inner peace. Outer abundance.

Years before I started empowering heart-centered entrepreneurs, helping people shift to the Having state became my specialty. It's my signature work.

Being in this State is like having a direct line to the divine. You have a strong connection and there is a two-way communication going on. You are in a place of inner peace, where external conditions don't cause the severe reactions you experience in Striving or Wanting.

This state of ease and contentment is a human being's natural state. And it is completely unnatural to struggle.

When you are out of alignment internally, you lack access to money, opportunities, people who can help you … and clients. Everything is so hard, or the money won't come, and you wonder what the &$*@# is going on.

It can be very confusing not to understand what's really going on.

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is to take marketing action when you are in a Striving or Wanting state.

Well, sure, you can do it, but you won't like the results. And those results will probably just serve to fuel your fears or chip away further at your limiting beliefs.

You're probably wondering, What am I supposed to do then?"

And my response to you is: Nothing … for now. First, work on shifting internally.

Yes, you heard me right: Take no action, even if it means you don't know how the money will come. And only when you feel you are in a good place internally should you dig in to your marketing again.

Sure, you might have to wait a day or two, or even longer, before you are in the right State and can take the RIGHT action. But the results will be SO much better if you first do your internal work. And you might even get some hints from the divine about better action you could take. The divine loves easy.

People can feel your energetic State. They can feel it through your emails, they can feel it through your web pages, they can feel it through your voice when you're having conversations with them. When you're out of alignment, even people who usually help you will resist — and you're left wondering what their problem is.

I recommend you begin tracking your State of Being on a grid.

Here's what to do. Make a chart with 4 columns:

Column 1: Date

Column 2: Action (i.e., "had a sales conversation with so and so" or "sent out an email inviting people to my teleseminar" or "called a potential JV partner")

Column 3: Result

Column 4: State of Being

Don't fill in this chart the day you take the action. Wait a few days. You will need perspective — to look back on how you felt inside when you sent the email, made the joint venture calls, had the sales conversations. Put a reminder in your calendar to do this reflection exercise once every 7-14 days.

Track this for one month, and eventually, you'll prove to yourself that there is a better way to approach your business than bulldozing forward when you're in the wrong State of Being.

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