Most heart-centered entrepreneurs, like coaches, healers and other life transformation professionals, don't have a concrete marketing strategy.

Even when they do, believe it or not, the strategy they choose often hurts them more than it helps them.

Why? Because subconsciously, your ego will always attempt to re-create the familiar, even when that pattern isn't good for you.

That might mean setting yourself up to reach an income ceiling you can't break through, ruining your love life by having to work nights and weekend or re-creating a poverty or debt cycle.

To break free and soar, you have to get really conscious and be willing to get down to your truth.

Let me give you an example:

For years, I had respectable success using a platform of private coaching and product / program launches.

But I was always chasing the money … and crossing my fingers and thinking, "This had better work!"

I had an over-abundance of usable ideas, more than I could ever implement in a lifetime. But I didn't have a marketing plan that projected out more than 30-45 days. Even then, my "plan" wasn't in writing.

My marketing choices were usually a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that my bank account was facing depletion.

My so-called strategy was basically this:

Go into survival >> Work like a dog >> Launch program or generate clients >> Get cash injection >> Take time off because totally burned out >> Pipeline dries up >> Go into survival >> Work like a dog >> Cash injection >> and so on.

This pattern was not only physically exhausting, it allowed my ego to re-create a familiar decades-long pattern of cycling back into survival. It fueled my fears and anxieties. It also prevented me from creating a sustainable romantic connection because I didn't feel financially stable enough to pursue a relationship.

Worse, it created subconscious beliefs that didn't serve my long-term well-being, such as "Success is like a roller-coaster. No matter how high you go, you'll just end up at the bottom again," and "Success doesn't last." That kind of thing.

My marketing habits were truly harming me — my physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being.

When I finally saw the chicken-and-egg cycle my choices were causing, I decided to create a real strategy. A plan-based vision for the long-term.

My new strategy created steady, predictable income (this got my ego on board) and a 365-day-a-year pipeline of private coaching leads. It also allowed me to avoid time-sensitive program launches, which always caused me burnout and put tons of pressure on me. It was so freeing.

Whatever your fears, patterns, goals and aspirations, your business needs to have a strategy, and that strategy needs to help you, not hurt you.

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